Wednesday, October 17, 2012

There's a baby in there!!!

Pregnant Log
[Pregnant: 16wks] I went to the doctor!!!!!!
[Mood Swings: Not so bad]
[Cravings: BBQ sauce, Tacos & Ice cream]

That's inside my belly right now. Oh. My. Gravy. That's legit. Can you believe it?! I know I sure didn't. For the last few nights I have had very vivid dreams of the ultrasound tech telling me that I had just gained a lot of weight and sending me home. I told the tech that and she laughed out loud and said, "No, You're very pregnant, look at that little baby." She did a lot of prodding and poking trying to get BabyG to turn and face us but to no avail. She did succeed in making me have to pee super bad and pissing the baby off. I swear BabyG swatted us away like a fly and curled up tighter. When she first spotted BabyG she was blowing bubbles and to me it looked like burps. (I say she but we don't know for sure.)

The baby was doing backflips and twisting around; doing basically anything she could turn away from us. I asked how I could possibly now feel all that movement and the ultrasound tech said it's because the baby weighs only four ounces right now and give it about three to four weeks and I will be certainly feel every movement. From how low she was in my pelvis looking for little BabyG I know why I have such low pelvic pains. "Yeah, that's got to be the baby kicking you. She's too light to feel like a kick but she definitely can make you feel a quick jabbing pain if she kicks out just right."

My phone has been ringing off the hook today. I sent a picture of one of the ultrasound pics to my mom, sister, MIL, SIL and BFF. Mom said she screamed really loud and jumped up and down and was at a client's house. Everyone ran to check on her and she waved the baby picture at them with excitement. Hah, priceless. I tried to call my Grandma and called my MIL back and both didn't answer. I'm so exhausted. After my ultrasound I saw the doctor and signed even more paperwork and answered a bunch of health questions about Hubby and I. I see the doctor, all my questions I had in my head were long gone. She does my pap smear and keeps asking me if I have any questions to which I am drawing a blank. She then gets me to sign even more paperwork and commends me for wanting to have "as natural as possible" birth.

I go to the lab and the lady stacks 8 viles next to me. "Are all of those for me?" I ask, the nurse smirks and says yes. It hurt so bad, I am squeamish of needles so I turned my head and the lady pumped blood out of me like an olympic star. It took her maybe a whole minute to get all of those little viles filled with my dark red blood. The needle she had stuck into my arm jiggled every time she switched viles. I winched with pain but got through it.

So it's official. I'm with child. There is no denying it now. I brought Hubby lunch and showed him the pictures. He was too busy for us to talk, so I ended up eating alone and he came over to peek at the ultrasound pictures. "Is it real yet?" He asked. I of course said yes. I guess I kind of had a little selfish slimmer of hope that they'd tell me I'm not pregnant so I could get wasted drunk for Halloween since we're throwing a really big party. Guess I can't get drunk after all.