Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Painful Truth

I have been mulling this blog post over in my head for days. 

I mainly want to talk about the most heartbreaking news I've had this month without sounding like a complete cretin bitch. Especially when a heartbreak also happened with my sister and the situations are so different and so brittle it's hard not to take notice of the obvious.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hey Look, it's January!

Are you annoyed by all your friends facebook posts about going to the gym yet? How about their new sobriety? Or the most annoying... "New Year, New Me."

Yeah... none of that here.

I have one goal for 2015: 
Getting out of my grandmother's house.

Last time we went to the storage unit we did a lot of throwing away of things and finding things we could give away or sell. I sold another $10 Surprise and it's got me all excited about the coming year. Hubby says we can buy the trailer by valentines day... so you know what that means? No shiny things for me, just the foundation to our house! It's cool though. I hate valentines day (see previous post) anyway so it's whatevs.