Saturday, January 10, 2015

Hey Look, it's January!

Are you annoyed by all your friends facebook posts about going to the gym yet? How about their new sobriety? Or the most annoying... "New Year, New Me."

Yeah... none of that here.

I have one goal for 2015: 
Getting out of my grandmother's house.

Last time we went to the storage unit we did a lot of throwing away of things and finding things we could give away or sell. I sold another $10 Surprise and it's got me all excited about the coming year. Hubby says we can buy the trailer by valentines day... so you know what that means? No shiny things for me, just the foundation to our house! It's cool though. I hate valentines day (see previous post) anyway so it's whatevs.

Since we can afford a CSA box again I am eating better. There is so much lettuce in the house I feel obligated to eat many, many salads. We have SO MUCH FOOD in our house right now. We haven't had REAL food (not just the junk my grandma buys) in the entire time we've lived there. We either couldn't afford it or I would only buy $20 here or there with coupons.... which, as you all know, couponing for food doesn't exactly give you healthy foods to eat. I think I'm mainly going to stick to couponing for toilet paper, mouthwash and household items. I make my own deodorant now. BabyG will get potty trained as soon as she's over her butt funk. (I won't go into detail but it involved a lot of watery poops, we are only into 48hrs of normalcy as of right now) Not buying diapers is going to be so nice! She's starting to get into the age of less handmedowns though which kind of makes me sad. BUT she does have an older cousin that keeps giving her stuff and with the tiny house we won't have that much room for a bunch of clothes anyway. One of these days I'm going to have a freaking yardsale.

I've had such an itch to create things lately. I want to finish my projects. I want to turn all my yarn into scarves, hats and blankets. I want to sell things on etsy and make enough to go to craftshows with. I want a stockpile of things that are easily on hand to get sold or given away as last minute gifts. I want to paint again. I want to get my paintings out of storage. I need to organize my life. I feel like we don't even know what we have anymore. I need to get over it and just get rid of clothes I can't fit in anymore. I need to turn them into scarves and sell them on etsy. I love having a craft night every month! I have always wanted to be apart of a knitting group and even though I am the only knitter, it is still fun to get together with some nice ladies and create things together. We bring snacky foods and gossip. It's helped with the sanity for sure! It also ensures that for two hours I can sew on eyes to my owl plushies or finish a book box or something I'm already working on. We had our first one of the new year and it was so refreshing. I'm so lucky that my mom is willing to watch BabyG while I do this one completely selfish thing for myself. Every parent needs to be able to hang out with fellow adults for a little while, maybe drink a little, and just have a good relaxing time. I woke up in such a good mood today.

So here I am, still being hopeful.

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