Friday, July 31, 2015

Couponing + 30 Weeks + HOTHOT Summer

Ah, normalcy!

We have our own place now and are living with our heads barely above water with one paycheck. It's awesome.

I know... I know... Awesome to live paycheck to paycheck? Crazy talk, right? Well, At least we manage to get our bills paid with one source of income and still manage to eat on the regular. I can't be more thankful. Hubby always seems to provide everything we need. He may be stressed out about it and I drive him crazy because a hundred dollars in the bank account doesn't scare me enough to not spend thirty dollars of it on groceries. In couponing terms, that's atleast seventy dollars worth of groceries anyway... so I don't see the issue.

My stockpile it growing! Growing! 
I say that with a maniacal evil scientist type laugh... 
Need salad dressing? We've got plenty! Cereal? I can't fit it all in my pantry! Chefboyardee? Yeah, that's not fitting very well either... Deodorant? It's beginning to look like christmas! BBQ Sauce? It's in the double digits.

You get my drift. Condiments galore. I'm going to start couponing for new born diapers in a serious way starting next paycheck. We are down to 10ish weeks. I wish I had couponed like this before I had gotten pregnant with BabyG. With BabyG2 on the way I feel much more confident about our situation. It drives Hubby crazy that I don't sweat our squeaking by for a couple days or a week between paychecks but I don't sweat it because we have enough food and diapers (Especially diapers now that BabyG is nearly potty trained, WOOT!) to get us by for those days.

I remember having ten dollars in my pocket, not the bank because the bank would've taken it because of fees, two weeks until payday and a jar of peanut butter to my name. I had to stretch that ten dollars for those two weeks, sometimes three weeks, and barely eat while I walked a almost four miles to and from work because I couldn't afford the gas. Without working at a restaurant during that time I would've probably starved to death. I was able to smuggle food home from the employee lounge and had a friend that was a chef that would hook me up when there were "mistakes" made. I also managed to get some of those small cereal boxes that were delivered with room service breakfast to help hold me over. I basically stole to be able to feed myself because I was so broke.

Ask me why I'm sitting comfortable with a hundred dollars to last us a few days.... c'mon... try me. We always have "enough" gas in the tanks too. Maybe not enough to flee the city if there is an emergency (which does bug me... zombie apocalypse pending and all) but it would be enough to get us to a hospital if need be or that last minute trip to the grocery store or my mom's house and definitely enough for a few errands.

I'm in my third trimester and besides a few handmedowns from BabyG we have basically NOTHING for this new baby. We're having a boy so yeah... he may be wearing lots of pink. haha! No shame. I don't care. He's going to end up playing with my little pony crap anyway. You can't avoid it when you have both genders in the house. We need to buy a carseat... like, last week. That's my main concern right now-- a carseat. In a two weeks I can basically go into labor at any time and we can't get this kid home without a carseat. Hubby keeps saying, "We went through this last time, it'll be fine." When did October get so close? I feel like I fast forwarded through this year. It's been so nice having my own place I guess each month just kind of snuck up on me. Ahhhhhhhh! Okay, I'm done freaking out by that for the moment.

Well, anyway... this is all I basically have to report. Wow, I stayed focused long enough to write a blog!

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