Friday, April 23, 2010

How to lose Belly Fat.... SRSLY?

Okay, so the weight that is taking the longest to beat is my tummy. Not my lovehandles, but my tummy and thighs. Augh. It's so annoying... so I googled it. Because google is the know-all be-all of everything, duh. Well, I found a list of things we aren't meant to eat while losing weight... Okay, I understand it... but they said to cut it out COMPLETELY... and uhh... that's not going to fly. I'm bolding things on the list that I have already either completely eliminated or have cut down to about 10% of my average 100% intake of food.

This should be interesting...
Refined (processed) carbohydrates are high carbohydrate (or concentrated carbohydrate) foods. These types of food are a major causes of weight gain and obesity (plus other diet related diseases). Although this is not a complete list, refined/processed carbohydrates are such things as:

ice cream
potato chips/crisps
nibbles/savory snacks


store bought cooked meats/cold cuts (they have added sugars and additives)
sausages/hot dog frankfurters (they have carbohydrate fillers, additives, and sometimes sugar)

all sugars
all products containing sugar
foods containing corn syrup, etc.

Okay, so I guess I did better than what I thought I would... but I feel like I make up for those things I cut out I eat almost twice as much as the other stuff... lol
I barely drink soda, that wasn't a big deal. Some of this stuff I just don't want to pay for because I'd rather spend that money on something else probably more pointless... and non-food.
Jello, jams and puddings just don't fit in my lifestyle. I make pudding sometimes with soy milk or water (depending on the mix) but that's only if the mood strikes me... and I think the last time I had pudding was months ago and only because it was mint chocolate chip. Took me a week and a half to eat the whole box that I made. I kept it at work as emergency breakfast. (If I forgot to bring something to eat.) But idk, jello and pudding aren't anything I go out of my way to consume. I also can't even get through a whole peppermint anymore because it's too sweet and it turns my stomach. I'm just not into solid-sugar candies.
I don't buy storebought meats because well... I have cut out 80% of my consumption of meat. Usually if I'm eating meat it's fast food and I'm hungover or it's a hot wing. But usually I refrain from eating all meat. The few times I add it to the grocery bill it's good while I eat it and then I'm physically sick for two days after because I'm not use to eating it....
But I eat enough pasta to choke a horse and could probably breath pastries instead of air and still manage to survive. I don't buy pastry on the regular, but I keep a stock of muffin mixes in my kitchen and won't ever turn down a doughnut. I crave bread like a honeybee needs pollen. I try not to over-do it. I watch how MUCH I eat in one sitting, rather than tell myself no. Because if I tell myself no on one thing, I will pretty much give up on food all together. (And we all know that's no bueno) So instead I just watch my intake. Well, I try. Lately I've been a bad girl because I'm in love and homegirl likes to snack. (She's at a natural non-commissioned weight of 110 maaaybe) So now I'm feeling the affects of lovedrunk-snacking and augh, I feel miserable.
I haven't even gone to the gym in WEEKS! FUCKING WEEKS! So yesterday was my first day back and I'm sore and hating it, but going back before my gf comes to my house today. At my heaviest I weighed probably 225lbs. (I recently found a picture of myself at that weight... augh. It's nasty) Since then I dropped 60lbs right off the bat and then worked my way back up to 170ish. :( It's killing me. I need to lose another 25lbs. Even 20. I'd actually be elated at 150. I'm not trying to be 135 again. I mean... it'd be nice... but I'm not that regimented and I'm a broad bitch, so it may not even be attractive for me to lean down that much.
But augh, I'm sure you guys are really enjoying my chatter about what I eat and what a fat ass I am... so I'm going to run home to change into gym clothes!
O yeah, yesterday was Earth Day. Everyone was blessing Gaia on twitter and it made my life happy. I bought strawberries and aspergaus from a street vendor by my house and stayed outside in the sun all day to celebrate, what did you do?
Blessed Be,

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  1. if the bread has at least 6 grams of fiber it will shoot through your system so quick that it doesnt have time to gather in your belly.... also pasta is HARD to let go... I usually get wheat pasta and watch the kind of sauce I use so that Its not as bad... I have the same problem... but if you eat a lot of veggies with it and a non-cream based sauce it is WAAAAY better for you. If you hike up the fiber in your diet all the good but bad stuff like bread and potatoes wont stick to you as bad... a trick I learned when I was hitting a plateau and going no where in weight loss. Im in the same boat as you though... I was at 150 and doing good then the past couple months I have shot back up to 172... -sigh-

    Hope this helps!


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