Sunday, May 2, 2010


Yes, that is really a screen shot of what was delivered to my inbox.

Hate comes in all shapes and sizes. Hate is expressed by those you would never imagine. This women is a friend of my mothers, she's not a stranger by any means. When I went to delete her from my friends list... I guess she either was already deleted or I had never added her. (I believe she deleted me first) So I reported her for insulting comments and hate speech. If you've never experience hate speech... here is a prime example. I covered up her picture and name so it's not to be a jab at her directly, but an example for others for what NEVER to do.

You hear all the time about gay rights and blahblahblah... and if you're straight, you always assume things... like, "Why show pictures of you kissing someone of the same sex? That's so disrespectful to me. augh. Nasty. I don't do that!" When, okay... specifically "you" may not... but I have about 300 friends on facebook, and about 250 of them have posted themselves kissing someone else on the lips just as my picture is. We're obviously in public in the picture... completely clothed... and I don't see tongue or even a rude gesture in the picture. This may be my bias opinion, but I like the picture very much.

And "Devoted to being gay" Umm... really? I bet she's "devoted" to being in love with her husband or "devoted" to her kids... I'm sure she has TONS of pictures showing her DEVOTION to things... why can't I? What's so wrong with that? How is it wrong for me but right for her? WHO gave her the power to choose such things?

Now, I'm sure I'm probably pissing off everyone who knows this individual and can figure out who it is. Go ahead. Honestly, I haven't pin-pointed who she is so don't think I'm directly stating anything to HER. I said my peace, turned her in, and blocked her. I'm just trying to let the REST OF YOU know how it is. If you don't agree with who I love just because of her sex... PLEASE REMOVE YOURSELF FROM MY LIFE! Because it's either you do it first, or I do it later. I have people who love me for who I am. I surround myself with people who don't judge me or think less of me just because of who I associate with. I DON'T NEED PEOPLE WHO ARE BIGOTED, HATERS, OR CLOSE-MINDED. You aren't worth my time or my emotions. It's really no big deal to me to be without a few people, there are SO many humans on this big rock we call Earth... life will go on.


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