Monday, August 23, 2010

Long time no blog! (WWW: Coven)

I fail... I know, I know...

Well... I'm no longer in a small town!

AND I'm trying out being a Vegetarian! Yeah... imagine that... a twig eating Wiccan... hah! (How original, right?)

I guess a ton has happened since the last post...

For one, I am now living almost 4hrs away from my home town in a much larger city with tons and tons and tons of people I don't know. I went from knowing absolutely everybody (or atleast someone that they knew) to knowing just my roommate and the new friends I am [attempting] to make at my new job.

So far I really, truly like it here. I just miss a couple of people from back home but I'm surviving. I can't wait until I get my first paycheck so I can really experience this town. I moved here with roughly $200 in my pocket and not a penny more. So... lets just say I'm just affording gas right now [barely] but it will be okay.... my job seems very promising and I love it there. The Goddess has given me the strength to journey on... yet again. :)

Umm... what else? What else?

My love life is still a train wreck... a very slow moving train wreck Matrix-style... Not that I'm complaining. I rather like my calm, boring (yet still exciting) love life right now. I'm still talking with THEE ex... yes... the big major one... *sigh* She's got me still, I guess... There are just some people that will never be removed from your life... even if you don't communicate with them anymore. Well, now we're communicating. I even bought a webcam... so yah... we do geeky aim convos with visuals now. (No kinky shit, you nasty minded tards!)


It's a word day! So erm... here is your word. :)

Coven (Covan)

A Coven is an assembly of witches/wiccans that get together to form a circle, do some magic or even just get together; have coffee and talk about their children... A coven is no smaller than 3. In most traditional Covens are no larger than 13.

Wiki says:
"The word was originally a late medieval Scots word (circa 1500) meaning a gathering of any kind, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. It derives from the Latin root word convenire meaning to come together or to gather, which also gave rise to the English word convene. The first recorded use of it being applied to witches comes much later, from 1662 in the witch-trial of Isobel Gowdie, which describes a coven of 13 members."


"The number of persons involved may vary. Although thirteen has been suggested as the optimum number (probably in deference to Murray's theories), any number above and including three can be a coven. Two would usually be referred to as a working couple (in any combination of sexes.) Within the community, many believe that a coven larger than thirteen is unwieldy, citing unwieldy group dynamics and an unfair burden on the leadership. When a coven has grown too large to be manageable, it may split, or "hive". In Wicca this may also occur when a newly made High Priest or High Priestess, also called 3rd Degree ordination, leaves to start their own coven. Wiccan covens are generally jointly led by a High Priestess and a High Priest, though some are led by only one or the other. In more recent forms of neopagan witchcraft, covens are sometimes run as democracies with a rotating leadership."

With all that said: I am not in a Coven, nor do I really desire to be in one. It's all personal preference, really. Also, some Covens charge you [money] to be apart of their group. Small fees are requested... some are understandable [circle items, group items, maybe helping with food and drink that is served, etc] and others are just ridiculous [being charged to be taught something from the craft just seems very Christian and greedy to me] and I will not be a part of it.

But please, don't take my bias against group practice as your own unless you've tried both. I can honestly say I have not tried to be in a group based practice... My lack of desire is a big reason but I'm not all people. I know some people who are in a coven and love every second of it and it fits their spiritual life style flawlessly. Maybe someday I will find a group of like minded people and we will call some circles together, I'm not completely against the idea... so please, don't let me make your mind up for you.

Blessed Be,

(You can also thank Alicia for giving me the motivation to blog again.) :D

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