Monday, February 22, 2010

Wiccan Word of the Week (WWW: Pentagram *pointing up*)

The Pentagram, which is usually famous for being an evil sign of Satan is actually quite passive and beautiful. For the purpose of this blog I will only write of the elements in reference to the pentagram, not as in calling a circle for they differ a great deal and it would just be too confusing trying to link them both equally and some of conflicts greatly. there will also be different answers for each element because there will always be different approaches to everything. Wiccans dwell in that gray area. Wiccans go with what feels right, not what is written in a book somewhere. Intuition is the only true guidance; everything else is purely a suggestion.

I will also break these down later on and link everything in this post so you can navigate through my blog via this post.

(For those that aren't aware: Wiccanism has nothing to do with Satan and we actually don't believe in Satan at all. No heaven or hell, so no one to dwell there either.)

Today I am going to speak of the Wiccan/Pagan Pentagram pointing North or upward. (The Pentagram pointing South or downward holds a different meaning entirely that most Wiccans don't recognize in their practice) The pentagram is also a symbol for humanity and to some point means self-improvement. Historically, a drawing of a person often is superimposed on the pentagram. (Like this)

Point: The top point, North, is the Spirit or deity.

Color: White/Purple
Alter Item: Chalice/Statue (as above)

Point: Going to the Right or East, the second point of the pentagram is the element Water.

: Blue
Alter Item: Chalice, bowl of water, Chalice full of water, a goldfish in a bag of water (I believe that was in the movie The Craft? lol)
Herbs: Elder Bark, Foxglove

Point: Keeping to the right, or South East the third point of the pentagram is the element Fire.

Color: Red
Alter Item: Dagger(Sword or Athame), a candle
Herbs: Hawthorne Shoots

Point: Now on the left side, or South West the forth point of the pentagram is the element Earth.

Color: Green, Brown or Black
Alter Item: Pentacle it's self, bowl of salt or soil, stones or gems.

Point: The East and the fifth point of the pentagram is the element Air.

Color: Yellow
Alter Item: Wand
Herbs: Eyebright, Dandelion

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