Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tuesday - Herb day! (Herb: Eyebright)

Eyebright- (I know this as Radhaircín)

(Budding Eyebright)
Medicinal Part: Leaves and Stems.
Properties: (Astringent, Tonic)
Gender; Masculine.
Element; Air.
Planet; Sun.
Powers; Mental or Psychic.

Medicinal Uses: Mixing the juice from the stems with distilled water makes a great eyewash. Make sure everything is sterile.

Ritual Uses: Brewed into a tea and drunk or placed on cotton pads over your eyes, it can induce psychic abilities. I personally use this for sending messages, see below.
--Find some Radhaircín and brew it into a potent tea. Get flat cotton pads from the store and use them to soak up the tea. Place a Lodalite (shamanic dream crystal) on your forehead, place one soaked cotton over each eye and ask Dagda to carry your message. Doing this on a bright day, I would ask Lugh to deliver the message. Doing this at night with the intentions of the message arriving as a dream, I would ask Caeribormeith to deliver the message.
(Compliments to Stephanie Mae for this information!)

(Dried Eyebright)
My investigation into Eyebright:

From what I've gathered in my reading about Eyebright is basically not to put directly in your eyes. As well as, don't use it if you are experiencing any problems with it. Common allergic reactions to pollen are a side affect. (I'm assuming because it is a regular budding plant) Such as: Sneezing, Coughing, Swelliing or redness at contact site. Discontinue use of this herb if you experience any discomfort. (duh)

I also gathered some rather conflicting views on it. "Use this as an eye wash" and then "Please don't use on eyes." So... I guess it means don't use it as an eye drop? I can't imagine Tinctures going in ones eye anyway. (Those made with water, maybe. But my tinctures have 100% alcohol in them... I wouldn't imagine dropping some of that in my eye)

Eyebright is found in various pills and vitamins for eye health and eye allergies. (Imagine that) I also found Eyebright dietary supplements... which leave me boggled because I have yet to read anything about Eyebright helping anyone lose weight or even control hunger. I would say those are just a ploy to make you spend your money on something pointless.

From what I read, take it orally or as Stephanie Mae suggested as an eye mask. I don't suggest dropping any in your eyes and of course, if you get any allergic reaction to it stop taking/using immediately.

**I am not a doctor nor am I in any type of biotanical school. These are just my personal opinions and should only be taken as such. Please do your own research before following any of mine.**


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