Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I took a week off for mental recovery. I've had a.... rather trying month so far.

Just when I think I'm good to start blogging again... my computer craps out on me. So my friend Steve is looking at it and fixing it (For a small fee) so hopefully by next Monday I will be in full working order.

New Things:
I'm playing World of Warcraft again... I know... Booo me and all that... but I'm really going about it in a much healthier fashion. I am casually playing with people I know in RL on one server and playing on my original casually as well. It really helps that my old crowd has either moved on or just isn't on when I am able to be. That really helps with me just getting off whenever I feel I've been on long enough or I just get bored with it because I have no one to talk to.

Okay... so I know this is going to be really weird and kind of embarrassing to mention.. but I had really terrible dandruff there for quite some time. It started to get really bad the colder it got outside. We had a few bitter cold weeks and my scalp just really hated me for it. I refuse to use any chemically enhanced "This will fix it" stuff because usually the chemicals are worse for you than what it's trying to fix.

When I was in Alaska for awhile I had dandruff really bad because I was in a constant state of dried-out-ness. Once I moved back home (to NC) my scalp went back to normal and I never thought of it again... until this winter.

I was a receptionist in Alaska at a physical therapy office. I met a wide range of people. This one chick was a regular for a little while because she moved up and she managed to get hurt at her first job, forcing her into physical therapy. It was something minor.. a sprained ankle or wrist or something... just enough to need therapy for it to heal properly. Well, anyway... she was bitching about how much she hated the cold in Alaska and she had moved there from California because of a dude she was engaged to and blahblahblah. (Very similar to my perdiciment, just moved from different coast) and I mentioned that I got really bad dandruff and that had never happened to me before. This chick was prim-proper and rather snooty (well, she was nice to me when she realized I was in the same boat she was) and she goes, "I know this is really gross... and I usually do it when I don't have to go anywhere for a few hours... but... put Mayo in your hair and just let it sit for about an hour. Really massage it in and wrap a warm damp towel around your head with the mayo in it after you've made sure it's really on your scalp really good. Then wash it out like usual. It stinks really bad and is really gross... but it's what's keeping my hair healthy in this nasty ass place."

I was surprised and a little grossed out... but still amazed. I never got around to doing it because at the time I refused to eat Mayo at all and really didn't have any free personal time away from the people I lived with to be able to do it without locking myself in the bathroom for hours.

Well... I did it. Over the weekend I googled it. It's on over a thousand websites, the instructions all varying slightly on each.

Take 1 Cup of Mayo (or however much it'd take to coat your roots and hair very well)
Massage in scalp first, make sure it's REALLY in there REALLY well. Make sure to get the back of your head too. Just REALLY massage it in there. It stinks, really... stinks... and feels disgusting on your hands... but just get over that. I covered my entire head in it, because I figured why not?

I read to take a warm towel from the dryer and wrap your head with it, or just apply heat. I didn't do this because I pay quarters to dry my stuff... so I just skipped the towel part all together.

I sat there for 30mins (Because alot of the sites I read said 30/45mins as appose to the hour I was told by the patient at the physical therapy office)

After my 35ish minutes (I lost track of time) I got in the shower. I washed it out as I normally would. I could tell a difference before my hair was dried. It felt soft and healthy. Much healthier than usual. I still have some very small dandruff flakes, but they aren't noticeable at all and 95% better than the previous situation. Some websites said do it once a week until it's completely cured and then do it once a month as needed just to keep the shiny-healthy glow to it. So... I figure Saturday is my day until the flakes are 100% gone.

fyi: Hot water hitting mayo-hair will make you gag... so hold your breath the first 30secs... then it's fine. lol

So yeah... That's all I have to say for today.

Blessed Be,

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