Thursday, January 28, 2010

"I'm going to live and die a hippy."

I have decided. (So that makes it official.)

I looked up the prices for Yoga Instructor classes today.

$2,000 for a 12 month course.


It's only (about) $170 a month savings for a year... so I can enroll in the January class next year and dedicate this full year to going to yoga every day it's offered at my gym and telling the yoga teacher I want to take this class... and yeah... projectedly it's a good plan. Right?

I just need to stick with it.

It doesn't look like $170 is coming out of me this month... but maybe Uncle Sam will be nice to me this year and I can manage to get contacts AND some tuition out of it.

Originally my plan was file my taxes, send in my FASFA... and enroll in college.

The more I think about it... College just isn't for me. I lack the integrity and the patience... and I'm scared as hell. I don't want to go back to college, and I rather like my life right now. I mean... more money is always nice, but being an instructor can supplement my income. (In a legit type of way, not like my petty eBay and Etsy sales.) I'm addicted to having a second job but corporate america is not for me and I refuse to work retail ever again. Ever. Again.

Etsy is sort of like retail, but I'm my own boss and I do what I want basically whenever... so it doesn't count. I don't have a boss of a boss of a boss all telling me five different things and expecting the best out of me when I'm getting paid with rice. I get what I make out of my online stores... and I like that.

But yeah... that's basically it.

O, and I skipped yoga tonight... the irony, right? lol

Blessed Be,

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