Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yoga Kicked My Ass

Wow... I haven't done yoga in... *counts on fingers* Almost four years? Wow, I'm old! I did "Yoga Lite" today... and let me tell you... I'm SOOO glad it wasn't any harder than it was today, because I probably wouldn't have been able to hang. At all. But I'm so glad I went. I really, truely needed to get my ass in gear. I guess you can thank my mother for forcing me into getting another year signed in at the gym. Because I really, really didn't want to spend that $40 a month.... I'd rather spend it on bills or you know... shiny pretty things.

Sunday was pretty good, I guess. Woke up to my Lovey and we ate BLTs and watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding before she had to scurry off to work. I went home and debated on going to the gym and watched some YouTube videos. I decided to go about an ho
ur til my yoga class to do some "light bicycling while reading" At a mindless pace, reading some pages in a book I'm reading... that kind of thing. But noooooo, Santigold came on my ipod and it was like I had a fire inside of me and I peddled until my thighs burned and my ankles ached. I gripped the handle bars like I was peddling for my life and the lady next to me made a "humpf" face and continued her slow peddle. I couldn't even finish the song like that but suddenly all the muscles in my legs felt alive from a deep coma. My thighs kept pushing for more but my feet just couldn't keep up.... nor could my lungs. I heaved, I tried to slow down... eventually I did. I could tell other people were looking at me but I simply didn't care. I think I might have read two pages the entire twenty minutes I was on the bike. Twenty minutes... not bad... I usually do an hour on the bike. I shoot for 10 miles or 45mins. Sometimes I get both... but I'm sure I will have to work up to that. Today I think I got maybe 8 miles because I'm so out of shape.

I decided that I would move to the Elliptical because I refuse to get on a treadmill. They kill my ankles and I feel like everything bounces.... in a very bad
way. Well, I get up there. I put all my shit up there and I mount the machine. I tell myself, "Slow pace. This is first day at the gym in years. Slooow pace, Beth. I mean it." After my firm lecture... I lean back and work my thighs until they scream. I manage half a mile before I feel like I'm about to collapse. I dismount and head over to a yoga ball and do crunches and used 5lb weights for some added resistance against my arms. I did stretches, side crunches and a few other variations that had some chick using the same mirror appalled. She kept looking at me like I was punching her kitten. I started to feel uncomfortable because of the audience and I gathered my things and went to the locker room to drop off my stuff before yoga. I refilled my water bottle and waited outside the exercise room until the the yoga people started to arrive. They eventually did and I felt pumped and motivated, but achy and debating about going home instead of partaking of this yoga I've been babbling on and on about all friggin' week. Well, I get in there, use a gym's yoga mat [which is disgusting, I will be purchasing my own because my other one has paint on it and has been officially lost in the last big move] and start doing some yoga stretches to prepare.

Again, I say OUCH! I could tell from the prestrech tha
t I fail. I struggle through the next hour and a half doing warrior pose and reverse warrior and even downward facing dog burned through the back of my legs.

All and all, I got to the gym at 4:20ish and got home a few minutes shy of 7:30. Not bad for my first day if I must say so myself. I'm going to take a shower, warm up some eggrolls and make a small bowl of ice cream... then I'm going to watch some Cake Challenge on Food Network before I promptly pass the fuck out.

Sunday was a good day. Monday will suck at 4am, but I'm sure if I keep this up it won't be so terrible.

O yeah! My new curtains!!!Notice that Sally is making an appearance. :) This also sort of shows my new curtain rod! I love my curtains, they have a fancy print on them. (As shown below)

Yay, that's it for today!

Blessed Be,

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