Friday, January 22, 2010

Video of the Week (Is Wicca Right for you?)

I love this video. It helped me alot, so hopefully it can do the same for you.


Yay, friday! I'm so glad it's friday. So glad.

This week has flown by though... I didn't make it to ONE of my yoga classes. :( Nope... not one.

Today I will get some free time though, so maybe I should atleast brave the gym. But when I think of going to the gym I think of how icky it is and I can't wear my glasses in there because they are lame, so that means I just see blurry shapes and stuff. (I can see up close, but if you are more than two feet away from me I just see colors and shapes) Not being able to see makes me uncomfortable... needless to say. (But I'm saving up for contacts and selling stuff on Ebay and Etsy to help raise money! Check out the link section over there ------>)

So bleh. I don't know. But a N - A - P is definantly in order today. I woke up feeling like DEATH. When I wake up and instantly have the "I'm definantly going to puke" feeling... I know I def didn't get enough sleep. My gf and I were putting up my new curtain rod, (That she bought me, and it was more like she was putting it up and I was watching Jersey Shore... THAT SHOW IS ADDICTING!) Which took forever... we were drilling holes in my wall at 9:30 at night... go us! lol I'm sure my neighbors hate me now.

I've been having crazy dreams lately. I did a little research this morning, I guess Wormwood is a dream agent. It can bring you premonition dreams. I hope my dreams don't come true. Whew, they weird me out just thinking about them. I think some of that strange juju that Wormwood can do to you is still bouncing around in there from when I inhaled it too much the other day.

Now that my room is clean and I have a curtain rod up... maybe I should get curtains? Yes... I should get curtains today. I already picked some out at Lowes. I'm excited. They're blue and have fancy patterns on them. I will post pictures when I get them... and I haven't forgotten about yesterdays blog, I will add pictures accordingly as well. :)

Blessed Be,

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