Wednesday, January 20, 2010



I'm being super cheesy right now!

I've been thinking about reopening a blog for awhile... but you know... you go through the "No one will read it..." and the "What would I write about?" and "I don't have time..." and all those other things I could put in quotations and make you read (or stop reading).

Recently I've really been trying to connect to my religion. Well, not really "trying to connect" more or less "trying to be more active."

I realize that my religion is often very judged and misunderstood... so I'm hoping that maybe this can be a window into understanding and acceptance?

Either way, I'm rambling...

I am a solitary Wiccan. I've been out of the "broom closet" for about 3yrs now. My family is absolutely not supportive of it, as they are hardcore Christians.... but I'm sure that will be another blog entirely.

I frequent a forum and it has really opened my "third eye" and my personal Pandora's box of want.

This blog will be my way of writing down my new experiences and [possibly] having someone else will read this and help motivate me to bring more information to those who wouldn't otherwise have an outlet for such things. Since this is my first blog about such things I want to go ahead and introduce you to myself, then my religion. Because who you are is defined by yourself, not anything that contributes to it. (Such as religion, race, ancestry, friends, etc)

My name is Beth, I live in a small town in North Carolina. I am 5 miles from the Sound and about 30mins from the Ocean. I work in public media. I live on my own and just recently quit my second job so I could have more time for me (and friends).


And here are some links you should read if you know absolutely nothing about Wicca but would like to know something about it:
A Forum full of info:
The Rede:
The Wiki:
Religious Tolerance:

Blessed Be,

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