Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Tattoo! Inspired by MUSIC! :)

This is a lyric from this song:

and the Diamond is from Marina and the Diamonds. Instead of putting her name or ...whatever, I thought it'd be cooler to put a diamond because she has it in a lot of her shit... because... it's part of her artist title. lol

I was just testing out that area to see if I would like it. Apparently it will need to be cleaned up by a tattoo guy and placed properly, but roughly that's what I want and where I want it. (yes, I want to use my handwriting as the font)

I'm uber excited about getting it and I hope to get it priced sometime this week so I know how much I need to save up for it. :D

UPDATE: here is is. :)

Blessed Be,

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  1. lol that is a really cool song :D how do you embed videos?


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