Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pictures on Facebook

Okay... seriously. Don't wake me up at 8am bitching about the pictures I posted of you last night.

Especially when they aren't bad or doing bad things. Don't use the, "But I have family on facebook" excuse because I do too.

And if you added people you work with to your Facebook... well... that's your bad.

After being begged to post pictures, the last thing I thought was expecting was to be bitched out because I POSTED THEM! Seriously. It's no big deal! I never thought pictures of us drinking and having a great time was so terrible. With all that said... I realize there are some things that are just tacky and should not be posted, or tagged, or ever uploaded to the internet period. First of all, DON'T post pictures of your toddler sipping a beer. It's tacking, stupid and will probably get you in some legal trouble. I know, I know... we all have those stashed away in a parent's photo album of when WE were 2yrs old and "The bottle is empty, it was just a cute picture" is our parent's explanation... riiiiiiight, mom and dad. Sure, thing. Uh-huh.

But no, really. Don't do that.
(And if you insist... it doesn't have to hit the internet... just saying)

Also, I DON'T think it's wise to post pictures of you doing illegal drugs.... or any drugs period. Make sure that all paraphernalia and acts of partaking are out of the shot. This includes drugs just carelessly lying around that could get in the picture. (Just ask Lindsay Lohan how smart that is) Also, it's super tacky and again... may get you in legal trouble and PROBABLY will get you fired or not hired at all. They have people now that poke around Facebook and Myspace just for this reason. It's better than a drug test... and I'm sure they don't care if it was taken in highschool.
DON'T post pictures of you out somewhere getting completely smashed. Like... a random part of the woods and you are so absolutely drunk you don't remember that picture being taken. Most likely, it's a billboard saying, "I DROVE HOME DRUNK!" and yeah... not smart. Also, don't post pictures of you and someone underage drinking. Again, with the legal trouble. My sister's old neighbor got into trouble because she thought it was wise to get her thirteen year old drunk AND all of her child's friends. Needless to say someone had a camera and a Myspace account... guess who got into MAJOR trouble with the law? That's right... not the one with the camera, but the one who OBVIOUSLY bought the booze.

post pictures of you and someone else doing something pornographic. It's just... not okay. You may be super sexy and so is your mate... but no one really cares to see that shit. (And those that do, there are OTHER websites for that... MANY MANY other websites.) That also goes with child pornography and anything related to it... naked pictures... pictures of you just in a bra... pictures of your girlfriend just in a bra... people on the toilet (This one kills me... EW!) And usually, any picture of your child in less than a bathing suit can and will be removed by Facebook officials. They can also report you if they think it's wrong. That doesn't mean it ACTUALLY is, but if that individual decides that the nudie of your son or daughter in the tub showing all their miniature goodies is rude... you will get a knock on your door, have your account flagged and removed... etc.

Now, with all that said, there is still TONS that you can do that isn't horrible and I'm sorry... but your family knows you drink, they know you dance, and I would hope that they would like the idea of you having a good time. Especially if it's a special occasion of some kind.

So basically... if I post a picture of you... I WILL tag you. Your job from that point is to untag yourself. But no, I won't delete your pictures. Because I don't post anything of the previously stated and if anyone judges you for that one picture they found on my Facebook (which I doubt because all of my pictures are friends only not friends of friends but FRIENDS ONLY and all of my friends are def not all of your friends) then they shouldn't be in your life anyway... and your family, our non-mutual friends, and coworkers cannot witness them. They are safe under the privacy act. By untaggging yourself it's like they never happened in your world... but they will always be in my world.

Blessed Be,

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