Friday, December 17, 2010

Laptop Magic

Those who don't believe in magic need to just breath in their last breath of oxygen and call it a day. (just saying) After almost over a year of non use of my laptop (because it got a really nasty virus and shut down and reverted back to DOS mode) has magically decided to work again... with everything in it's place. Music all there, files all there, EVERYTHING! I'm rather pleased... and that also means I get to bitch and moan to you guys some more. :) I am all moved to my big new town and have moved out of a very destructive place and now am in a shiny new home but with no internet or tv (which is rather kind of liberating) but now that my laptop has decided to work I can post remotely from various wifi locations around Greensboro. (Yay! I can be the pompous asshole in a Starbucks typetypetyping away acting all Joe cool and shit!) And I'm also afraid that I've used my BB so much for just about everything I find myself holding down letters on the keyboard expecting them to become capitol letters. Which is highly frustrating, btw. I've been thinking about blogging for weeks now because I am just so overcome with shit in my head and I have no real cash to do anything about it. (No money for paints... it's all going to that freaking Santa holiday and gas to get home to see my blood relations) But yeah... I just thought I'd stop in and see if anyone still reads this and have checked up on it and such... and for those that have... I'M BAAAAAAAAAACK!!! :) I hope to fill your brains with my worthless babble at any time possible and I wish you guys a great Winter Solstice and may all your wintery nights be filled with magic and have all your magic filled with warm fuzzies!!! BlessedBe, SallyD


  1. i just found your blog -- i googled elemental pentagram and your site came up. i also linked into the everything under the moon forum from you. i bookmarked you :-)

  2. I really appreciate it!!! Thank you!!! :)


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