Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Ink: Feelin' Sleek

New ink makes a girl happy.
(Especially when the side affect is everyone keeps telling me I'm sexy)

Please, keep calling me sexy.
I like it.

I was well past due for legit ink. Not just something small. Although my Marina & the Diamonds tattoo was flawless and exactly what I wanted... it's still considerably small compared to the... well.. chest piece... on the neighboring collarbone. Now I have to figure out how to make it even and have a full chest piece... *sigh* Okay... so maybe I won't... who knows? I was never going to get a large chest piece... I actually thought it was kind of tacky (Well, some of them) and very hipster. I'm unsure how I feel about being hipster.

I've had a song on repeat...

It is meeeeeeee. OmiGeez. On the real.

Man the nerve of this bitch
Pardon my French
But it's been 10 days
And I'm getting kind of light headed
Maybe I'll write her a letter in a gentleman's way
And send it with the hopes that she might get it
I can't believe I let her run all over me
But all I think about is
When she's here and holding me
I love her
She's the reason for the lesions
Man I love her
I start bleeding when she's leaving
And every scar on my fingertip is a reminder of
All the lessons learned
All my missions trying to find her and
I can't complain
I kind of like the pain
She ain't even got a name
She just lives in my brain
Just sayin'.

But yeah... anyway. It's been an interesting couple of weeks to say the least. 25 days until I'm in Chicago. I'm elated. Everything else is on suspension until then. It's a good feeling. To be all, "Eh, I'm not doing shit until I get back from Chicago." or "I will just deal with that issue when I get back from Chicago and I'm really hoping it blows over before I get back" and all my social situations are up in the air. I would prefer to not to commit to anyone or anything until I get cynosure on where I want to end up. Everything is an eyebrow raise and a question right now.... and it's liberating.

Also, I can tell a difference in my crazy. It's less crazy. I've mellowed out. I'm not too hopeful during situations and I'm not ruling anything out either. It's a happy medium of "maybe one day, but if not that's cool too" which is glorious and spectacular compared to my previous aspect on life. I'm starting to feel more me and less like that other thing I was.

Maybe it's all that self-inflicted tattoo pain? Maybe it's happiness in the form of a pretty girl? Maybe it's just me being real and actually not giving a shit so much anymore?

ehh... whatever it is...

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