Saturday, August 20, 2011

Owie, my muscles hurt.

I went to the gym today for the first time in weeks. It was like reconnecting with an old friend. I tried to do as much as possible that I don't do at home. My arms ache and my butt muscles aren't so happy... but I feel delightful. I've been such a complaint-filled bitch lately and I hate myself for it. I mean, really, there are better words spent via txt. So, I'm sorry. Bitching and moaning should be for this blog, and this blog only.

I went to Earth Fare today and got some yummy Broccoli and Cranberry salad. It was the best dessert ever to go with my Mediterranean sampler thingy that was sooo big I couldn't finish. I'm on a humus kick. I wanna eat it all up. Ooo, yum. Falafal always helps too. Now I'm so stuffed I can barely move.

Monday is my only day off... at least it's in the middle of my work week, I guess? Silver lining, anyone? I will probably stay at home and catch up on all my TV Shows... I have too many of them and I feel like it's consuming my life. My last few days off have been spent getting really, really drunk and I need to take a break on that. I mean, it's all good and stuff because it's with this really amazing friend of mine.... but I need to chill out on that shit. It's ridiculous. 

Oooo! Ooo! Ooo! I have, in my possession, train tickets to Chicago, IL. Hooray! It will also be my first time on a train. I can't wait. I leave the 5th of October and don't get back to NC until 1am on October 11th. I better get that time off of work because well, I'm going either way. I have given them plenty of notice. I just hope to keep my job until then. They are driving me batshit crazy. But either way... tickets are bought, I'm going. I'm uber fantastically happy about it. My friend Sarah lives out there and she is always a good time. I also have the possibility of something else mighty great while I'm there... but we will see if I don't fuck it up before it even gets off the ground. I fear I may have already planted the seed of failure. I can't keep a fucking daisy alive but I can plant some discomfort like a motherfucker. (Go Figure)

Well, anyway... this is a quick blog because I need to shower before work and my time is running thin. I just wanted to tell you a few exciting things that are happening in my life. Also, this is my first month not making a car payment! I feel like I have so much money I don't know what to do with it.... but I still can't manage to pay ALL of my bills this month... O well, those tickets to Chicago are more important than Bank of America. (Bank of America can suck my dick)

Maybe I will write something pretty later, who knows? I'm taking a notebook to work tonight... if they tell me I can't write while on the clock I may lose my shit.


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