Monday, August 1, 2011

Things I "need"

I have a list of things I need and it's growing.

-iPod (Mine is from '06 and I'm begging it to stay alive)
-Sunscreen (Running outside is making me too exposed to nature)
-New Sports Bra (I've had just one since my freshman year of highschool)
-New Gym clothes (Omg, I'm doing laundry every 3 days because I'm out of gym clothes... it's driving me insane)
-Black acrylic paint
-A large box of assorted Clif Bars
-A big box of Emergen-C
-New Glasses

I'm sure there is more. *sigh* I can't wait until I can afford any of that... and of course none of that is in any particular order. I'm getting contacts not this pay check coming up, but the next one. Fuck glasses. I'm so tired of wearing glasses.... although I do need new ones, contacts are coming first and I don't see myself affording new specticals until much later. Then, I will get a new iPod and hopefully that other stuff will be mixed in somewhere in the middle. I've been meaning to go to Michael's for some time now. I'm over due.

I just felt like telling you all of this... for really no reason at all. Donations? lol I will accept cash only, pls. ;)

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