Monday, August 22, 2011

The Silence

I gave you poetry in theory earlier... and now I'm giving you actual poetry. Now, I haven't written a poem in quite some time since high school... but a few months ago I produced this. I was at work and something in me made me write this down. I only shared it with two other people and now it's your turn. I thought I had trashed it but it was neatly tucked in between some World of Warcraft boxes... go figure? It doesn't actually have a title as I didn't expect to have enough balls to share it with you guys. Tell me what you think... or don't.


The silence is ever creeping
Creeping in the ever ending
The realm of no prevail
A square world amongst round
Round ideas, round aspirations
Dancing is all that's left in the mind of an artist
The eye of the creator is prismatic
Dreams one with wonder
And two with pain
The silence is ever creeping
Creeping in the ever ending


So there ya go... you've now experienced something I would've otherwise kept hidden. Does that mean I'm growing as an artist? Well, I'd like to think that... so I will.


ps- I paired the poem with a picture I took of Fort Macon a long while ago.... although they weren't really were inspired by each other.

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