Friday, August 12, 2011

Getting past the nasty.

I had a glorious day yesterday. I hung out with so many pretty ladies. I got cooked a very great meal and hung out with a very awesome tweenster. I was shown that there is more to life than my loneliness. I can and will overcome.

As I was falling asleep on my friends couch last night (she lives a bit away from me and we had drank quite a bit) I was thinking about how much I love couches when I am single. I hate sleeping on a mattress when I'm alone. I guess it makes sense that one of my favorite Death Cab for Cutie songs is Your New Twin Sized Bed.

I love sleeping on things like couches when I am single. It allows me to have peaceful sleep. You can't [comfortably] sleep two people on a couch and I find solace in it. I had some amazing sleep on the couch. It felt more like home than ever before. I had found home, friends. These friends of mine.... O, how divine! (hehe, I'm so cheesy)

I had such great conversation and my heart was plump with love as I dozed off. I woke up late morning and watched some TV before heading out around noon-ish. I came home to my destroyed, bachlorette-pad of a bedroom. My mattress is even all fucked up because I got mad and threw it around kind of... and my clothes are just piled up on things... it's depressing to be in my room, okay? So I got my shit together and walked to my new favorite deli and ate a delicious veggie sammich. I talked to the waitress who almost knows my name at this point and walked my happy ass home... while I was at the deli I got an invite [via txt] to a house party tomorrow by my favorite local artist. We flirted. Yes... WE! Hah. It's awesome. Someone flirted with me. Someone flirted with me that I've been secretly crushing on for awhile. So now I'm all giddy and yeahyeah... being weird.

I'm trying so hard not to get my hopes up. I'm just excited at the prospect of flirting, really. I flirt all the time, openly, but it's always in good fun with a twinge of hope but not like...  getting butterflies kind of way.... most of the time. lol This girl induces full-on butterflies. The kind that make me take deep breaths to help me realize I'm not dead or dreaming. I get crushes on girls that I feel I have no chance with but like to ponder about.... and only on the girls I could MAYBE one day, possibly, if the stars aligned get together. This girl is one of them. I have had 4 total crushes [ever] and 2 currently... she is one of them. Yes, that's how serious it is. I'm going to freak her out, scare her and I'm afraid she won't even be my friend anymore... but dammit, I'ma go out in a ball of fire.

Blessed Be,

ps - I'm not going to tell you who the other one is. muahahahahah!

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