Monday, April 30, 2012

So this is what being a house wife feels like?

I've been in Louisiana for about a week. I'm officially moved here and terrified of driving.

We arrived in Louisiana around 7am last Tuesday. Very tired and very glad to be out of my car. Wednesday we spent way more money than anticipated on things just meant to make the apartment functional.

We wake up every morning smiling at each other... talk just as much during the day and then cuddle up on the couch at night and watch tv until going to bed. I've never been so happy to be broke in my life. Okay, so "broke" is a loose term. We're Hubby broke, not MY kind of broke. (There is a couple hundred dollars difference in that perception of "broke")

I keep trying to remind myself, "Everything is great to start out with... it's bound to not be as awesome at some point..." but I really don't see that happening. We are very much like we use to be but quite happier and there is romantics involved. It's nice to not be awkward around each other. I'm noticing the real relaxed Hubby can be, not what I thought his relaxed was. We also seem to have a sixth sense about each other. It's awesome.

Last Thursday I came down with something and have been coughing my head off all weekend. I've felt the best since then today. I've mainly got the Apartment together. The living room is basically finished and we only need random things sporadically around the apt to complete each room.... which I assume we will complete each room just in time to move again.

Other than, "Life is fucking amazingly awesome right now but slightly boring during the day because I do nothing but drink, watch netflix and now play video games while waiting on Hubby to get home." I have nothing else to report... O, and that I am in love and this feels absolutely right.

Uhhh... yeah... that is all.

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