Sunday, May 27, 2012


I just want to be outside.

All day. 

Inside is the enemy today. I don't want to be bothered by video games or AC... I want to feel the sun on my shoulders and get wasted by the pool. Yes, getting wasted by the pool sounds most delightful.

I made a table for outside using only Dos Equis beer boxes and packing tape. Its quite classy... in a redneck kind of way. I guess if it was PBR or Bud Light I'd be more hipster... but its whatever. I'm very proud of my creation.

I am 98% sure I got a job working with Hubby's company. It seems very promising and veryvery well monetarily for us. I'm nervous, of course.... Hubby has the utmost confidence in me which makes me even more nervous. I also have to cover my tattoos. I dressed like a Sunday school teacher to go to the interview.... bleh. School marm, Beth... that's me.

I'm not married yet but I did manage to purchase a "wedding" dress. It's soooo cute. I'm also working out like crazy so I can look good in it whenever we manage to scrape $300 together to have the stupid ceremony. Our money is going towards a trip to NC this weekend so I can be in my BFFs wedding. I'm happy that Hubby arranged to go with me. That 17hr drive was making me have nightmares. I don't think he realizes how much it means to me that he's going with me. I'm sad that I will be missing the bachlorette party though.

This is going to be such a busy end of the month/start of June. I have a lot of good feelings for June. I expect great things.

And a name change.

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