Tuesday, June 5, 2012


This weekend I witnessed my BFF get married. The ceremony was quick and the party lasted all night. They are such a beautifully loving couple! I cried. A lot. I cried before I left, I cried once we got there and then I cried during the ceremony and during my toast to them. I was such a blubbering idiot. 

These are a couple that have taught me the proper way to love and to raise a family. I always wanted to have the kind of love they have. I was able to bring Hubby with me which meant a lot to me. Not only for the thirty-four hour round trip drive but for the honor to have him on my arm while I see my BFF get married. Well, I was in the wedding so he sat with my family but you know what I mean. They are not a religious type of people so the ceremony focused on love and what love means and why to get married.
The way ALL weddings should be.

It really must be love. We were crammed in my tiny car for seventeen hours on the way there, once we arrived it was wedding planning to the max and getting stuff ready. He doesn't know BFF and her family as well as I do so he more or less babysat the twins while her sisters, her and I scrambled to do things around the house. Their house is a decent size but still quite small for about twenty or so people milling about putting flowers together, wrapping center pieces and cleaning empty wine bottles. The house was also a disaster from the regular life of two adults and three small children on top of all the boxes full of wedding stuff to be moved to the venue. Did I mention Hubby isn't much of a people person? I mean, he's personable but his happy place is alone or with maybe two/three other people in a quiet setting watching a movie or making small talk. He was thrown to the wolves on this one.

We arrived at the wedding venue and everything came together magically in just over an hour. We ran a bit behind after getting ready and making our way back to the venue, but the short ceremony made up for it. As BFF and I were walking to the place we were getting ready at Hubby pulls up just in time to give our wedding present: A new cellphone! The night before amidst wedding stress BFF had thrown her phone (that already had a messed up screen but no cracks) giving it a nice rainbow shaped crack across the bottom of it. She squealed when she realized what the box had in it. I have to give Hubby major props because he totally made it happen. The cellphone was his idea and everything. We got her the same phone I have because she liked mine and we knew she was already familiar with it.

After the ceremony we took some really amazing pictures. (Well, had them taken of us.) I love the colors! Hubby and I went out with the bride and groom after the reception and danced the night away. We then faced another 17hr drive home. I drove most of the way to and from. Hubby said that was my punishment for making him go back to North Carolina for any amount of time. My CardioTrainer app said that much driving was well over a thousand calories burned so it's debatable if I should be annoyed that I had to drive that much or not. He was also kind of crabby on the way home but only in the way he said things not so much what he said. He slept a lot, I love that about us as much as I hate it. If either of us gets extremely agitated/angry/annoyed we just go to sleep. It's like angry narcolepsy almost. We both do it though so it's hard to be annoyed about your own personality trait showing in someone else. We finally arrived back to our apartment complex and jumped in the shower to wash off a drunken wedding reception and hours of being on the road. Then we crawled into bed and cuddled like it was the first time we had seen each other in months. Our bed felt heavenly. We fell asleep quickly and didn't even budge until Hubby's alarm went off a couple hours later so he could get up and get ready for work. He begrudgingly got up and got ready for work. When he left my heart sank a little... I wanted him to stay in bed with me and sleep the day away!

That's how I knew it was love. When you can go through a stressful (No matter a happy stressful or a negative stressful) situation; be crammed in a tiny car for hours of driving through state lines, being with each other for basically every second of a very busy weekend just to come home and then cling to each other like we hadn't seen each other through any of it.

I finally know how my BFF feels about her husband. I've been friends with them long enough that they would have their relationship quarrels in front of me like I wasn't in the room. (Well, I also lived with them for a bit so it was bound to happen) Even when they seemed the most agitated at each other they still looked at each other full of love and would instantly drop it when the argument seemed to not be going anywhere... only to be revisited when it had been mulled over and a compromise was being sought out. That's love, people. THAT is how things are meant to be. Love prevails more when it's not all sunshine and rainbows. I always envied their love in the way of wanting it for my own and now I can easily say I have it. I thought I would never be as lucky as them.
Thank you, Hubby, for loving me the way you do.

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