Sunday, July 14, 2013


I'm attempting to coupon.

I'm not awesome at it. I spent a couple hours today trying to round up the coupons and sales and still spent more than I saved. But, I did save a good amount compared to what I spent so that's better than nothing. I was averaging $30 savings a trip and today I saved $51. (I don't think that counts the $10 I saved using my dependent card at Target) I used cellphone coupons, the Target Cartwheel app (Which is AMAZING, by the way. Even if you aren't big on coupons. It reminds me of the "cash back" stuff on credit cards) and good ole print outs and manufacturing coupons.

I went with Hubby. I think next time I plan on couponing I need to go with just me and stick to my list. I want to do that extreme couponing stuff and I want to stock up so I can have endless food. I want to have organized hoarding like those chicks do on TV. I need to find out how to do multiple purchases and such. I'm freaking out a bit.

My babysitting job fell through and I officially quit my cellphone job. I have to make up for that loss of money somewhere. I have to. I'm falling into a dark hole. I can tell Hubby is stressed because of our money situation and I want to do what I can to pull my own weight.... other than being a housewife. Doing laundry doesn't pay the bills, ya know?

I'm learning to save my Redplum inserts and not cut them out unless I plan on using them. I'm learning to not print out coupons unless I plan on using them. The couponing blogs usually link a printable anyway. I just want to pull a big haul for $20 instead of this kind of bogo thing I have going on. Anyone have any tips? Any websites you go to? Have YOU mastered the multiple purchase small dollar amount?

Back to youtube and couponmom I go...

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