Wednesday, July 17, 2013

CVS Couponing Attempt #1

I don't feel like I did very well. I spent $14 out of pocket... but I do have a $3 credit for whenever I go back and try this again. So I guess that brings it down to $11.

As you can see, I broke it up into two purchases so I could use the bucks instantly. The first one was the most out of pocket ($9) but I got $6 back instantly and used that on my next purchase... so in a way, it was only $3... but I feel like I was just able to recycle that $6 and not actually save it. The second was $5.42 and I saved $13 and received $3 for my next purchase. So you could say I only spent $2 on the last one.. if you want to look at it that way.

Not a big haul for $14 if you ask me... or you could say it's $5. But either way, I spent $14 today that I won't ever see again. But I did buy things we'd use and I did save a collective amount of $21 out of $38. I want to get the couponing "rolling" stuff down so I can get our toothpaste, shampoo and toilet paper for basically free. I keep hearing that word, free, in this couponing stuff and I'm not seeing it yet. I am just starting out though, I don't have a large supply of coupons yet.

On the online class I took the lady said it will take me up to 8 weeks or more to really get it down and have a proper supply of coupons for a savings cycle. I am trying not to burn myself out though. I want to stick with this. I have to stick with this.

In other news, I've been fighting a cold and I think BabyG has a touch of it. No fever though, just a bit cranky and sleeping a bit more... but I'm napping more too so I don't know if she's getting sleepy by proxy or if she's actually tired because she feels sick. She's still smiling though and her eating habits seem normal to me. We're staying inside though and watching lots of netflix... and of course reading tons of couponing stuff.

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