Tuesday, August 20, 2013

"Couponing just gets you lots of stuff you don't need"

No one needs toilet paper and deodorant. Nobody loves free stuff... and some other lies I'm to lazy to come up with. 

I've worked in radio. Working in radio has put a few things in perspective for me. 

- People LOVE free stuff!
I don't care if it's a bottle opener and you refuse to use glass products or an XXL tee-shirt and you're a 98lb, 5'7" person. If it's free you'll most likely snatch it (and three more) off the table and run like you stole it. People worship free. 

- People want an amazing deal without working for it.
Same goes for wanting money but not wanting to get a job for it. Or wanting to win a car but not filling out every sweepstakes that becomes available to them. Laziness. Pure laziness. 

Okay,  let's get back to free stuff. It really strikes a nerve when people ASSume that since I am couponing I am just buying a bunch of shit we don't need or can't use. Not speaking for all couponers but for me if we (or someone we know) won't use it then I don't even read into the deal going on. 

I spent $0.88 on name brand kid toothbrushes even though I, personally, don't have a kid old enough but my BFF does.  Fuck me, right?
I don't bother with pet food coupons because we don't have a pet. I only look into air freshener coupons if I will be spending less than a dollar per item. I don't bother with soda because we have a sodastream.

Now I'm able to buy things we wouldn't have bothered to purchase because it was too expensive. Like shaving cream, Mios, cereal, ice cream, storage bags, make-up items, certain snacky foods for hubby to take to work. You starting to follow me? 

Couponing has allowed for us to have over a hundred rolls of toilet paper in the house for way less than $20 out of pocket. For ten male & female deodorants that cost me maybe $6 total out of pocket. 

That CVS haul I posted yesterday on Facebook? Did I mention that I left with $10 Extra Care bucks so not only did I spend $11 in mostly taxes I almost broke even! CVS pays you to shop there! I say: why the hell not?
I understand that not everyone has the time to hunt the deals down and clip the coupons but even when I was working I'd manage an hour our so every couple weeks and save about a tank of gas every time. That's before I made coupons a priority and before I found my couponing sites.

Couponing is so worth it.
Even in a smaller scale. 

To those that say: "Using coupons just makes you buy things you won't need"

I say: You're just jealous because I'm getting things I do need for FREE or with just pennies while you're paying full price. Don't hate the player, hate the game!

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