Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bad Day

I haven't had a bad day in months. I liked to think of my last bad day as one of my last days on shift of my last job.... until now.

Yesterday was an all around bad day. My lack of sleep catered to my short patience. BabyG is teething. This is basically the run down of yesterday.

It all started by a sleepless night of BabyG waking up every hour because she's teething and constantly wants a boob in her mouth. I woke up more exhausted than what I was before bed. BabyG had her morning happy time for all of an hour then promptly went into screams. Hubby is texting me to bring him food at work and to return some stuff to Wal-Mart. BabyG is crying. I go to get our reusable bags from the spare/stockpile room and on the way down the hall manage to bump the Scentsy plug-in and wax goes EVERYWHERE! Cranberry red splashed on our creamy white apartment wall and beige carpets. BabyG is STILL screaming. I want to pull my hair out. I text Hubby and tell him to fend for himself for lunch and try to scrub up some of the dye from the walls and carpet. To no avail and BabyG is, you guessed it, crying her eyes out.

Fuck it. Back to bed we go! In the short life of BabyG we have had quite a few "re-starts" as I call them. We go back to bed, I nurse her and sometimes I even manage to get in a decent nap. When we are both up from said nap the day generally re-starts a bit better. Well, I turn on Cheers and she gets the last bit from the left boob and screams bloody murder until I move her to the right boob. Halfway through the Cheers episode (A full episode is twenty-one minutes, mind you.) and BabyG is blowing raspberries on my boob and has three fingers shoved in her mouth. I ask her if she's better now and she gives me a slobbery grin and blows more raspberries. I then inform Hubby that I'll go see him after all since BabyG is suddenly in better spirits.

We get to his work and all is fine there, BabyG is all giggles like she hasn't been making me go nuts all morning and of course it makes Hubby's head swell like he's king of the world. Would anyone expect any less? I leave when he gets a customer and go to Wal-mart to return the stuff and do some coupon shopping. They didn't have half the stuff I wanted but I figured I'd try to make it worth my while anyway. I get to check out and my card doesn't work. I try it debit instead of credit. Fun Fact: Always run your debit card as credit because it makes the business then bank responsible for the amount as a worst case scenario. If you run it as debit they make YOU responsible for the full amount directly and can sue it out of you. It's like having a fun buffer! Still no luck. Well, I had a nightmare of a time online yesterday so I tell them to hold my stuff and I'm so sorry because the lady fought with all my coupons but made sure to make them work in my favor AND the lady was pleasant about it.

I called the 1-800 number on the back of my card:

"Have you used your card at recently?"
Ummm, no.
"Ah, see... we figured that. There has been a lot of fraud recently at so they flagged all the cards used on the website for the last couple days. Your card was used but not successful in a purchase on Monday, August twenty-fifth."
I look over to my bag that is safely tucked away by the nice cashier.
"We sent a letter out to you." O perfect, send me snail mail to let me know my instant money card isn't so instant anymore.
I don't think I've ever used So this means my card doesn't work?
"Yes ma'am. We have to get you an all new set of numbers. Can you verify a few more things and we'll send you that new card?"

I wanted to cry. That was the icing on the cake. The cashier looked over at me and gave me a look of pitty. Obviously it was written all over my face. I hung up once I got the new card ordered and apologized, again, and they aborted my purchase and I walked out empty handed.

I get the mail and some packages had come in. My coupon pages Yes! I have graduated into a binder!, a christmas gift for my niece and a wedding anniversary gift I had gotten for myself. The anniversary gift is a free picture print thing that I just paid shipping for. I used a picture of our wedding. I figured it could be an anniversary gift but honestly, it's just going in the house anyway, right? I'm bad at anniversary gifts... always have been. Sorry, Hubs! The Christmas gift wasn't what I expected but will have to do anyway. I tried to not be sad about yet another thing not working the way I thought it would today. I hovered over the spilled wax and decided on a pint of Ben & Jerry's instead.

Ben & Jerry's makes everything better.

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