Thursday, September 5, 2013

Shop Smarter

CVS Extreme Couponing:
Saved: $20.72
Spent: $1.20 (Before taxes)
Extra Care Bucks/Store Credit: $4.00
Networth: $1.80 Money Maker!!

I had only ONE manufacture coupon and the rest was Extra Care bucks ($7) I had from a previous purchase, CVS coupons from the machine and register. I thought it was going to be a bust since my CVS had a sign on the door that said cash only and I hardly ever have cash. Luckily there is always another CVS nearby so I went to the next closest my GPS directed me to.


I have a touch of OCD... or stubbornness... however you want to look at it. So going to a different store I'm not use to dug at me and I had to make four loops around the store before I felt comfortable enough to take stuff off the shelves. The list that I had was kind of a bust too because they just didn't have stuff in stock. I had my binder with me but the house has a couple months of toilet paper and we have a years worth of shampoo and conditioner. I was mainly going to get the free stuff the CVS Coupon Machine has given me. We are also pretty broke until payday next week so I'm working with no budget. I knew I couldn't spend more than $5. The coupons were also expiring today. 

So as I said, I had things working against me and not that much to play around with. The main thing I wanted was a hairbrush too. Ours broke a couple months ago eesh and I have been using this comb thing instead. I've been so over that comb thing. I had a $3 off a purchase of $15 or more so I was shaping my purchase off that. I wanted to spend at least $15 before coupons. I added the stuff up in my cart after going through my CVS coupons and subtracted the coupon amount to see how much I'd spend out of pocket. 

I had a little heart attack when the total was $26 (after taxes). The lady wrestled with a few of my CVS coupons but she made them work. Coupons not working properly has become the norm for me but as long as you're polite the cashier is usually really good at fixing the problem and making them work. She hit the "Total" button and her eyes got wide when she told me my total was $2.22 (after taxes). My receipt was five foot long with various new coupons and the $4 store credit. The cashier told me how impressed she was with my couponing skills. Its moments like that, that keep me couponing!

Couponing has changed my perspective on the worth of stuff too. $26 for eight items? Seriously? That stuff doesn't seem worth that much to me.

Shop smarter, people.

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