Friday, November 1, 2013

Are YOU happy?

Just take a minute.

Lean back in your chair and think about your current situation.

Are you happy?

No... really. Don't bullshit.

Are you happy?

Okay. Now try to narrow that answer down to yes or no. Not a gray area answer. A gritty yes or no.

Are you happy?

If you said yes with a pang of no tugging at your soul then maybe you shouldn't lie to yourself so much. What is that no? Can you fix it? Is that no a person? Would you be happier without them? Can you remove them from your life? Are you projecting your faults on that person or is this person toxic?

If you said yes without hesitation then maybe you should think more. Dig deeper. Do you like where you live? Is your job leaving you satisfied?

If you said no then maybe it's time for a change... no matter how uncomfortable or difficult it may be.

If you said no without hesitation then you should think more. Is the major part of the "no" something you could actually change? If its not in your control what can you do to move on? 

*News flash: You cannot control other people's behaviors but you CAN control your affiliation with said individual.*

I am constantly digging deep and asking myself that question: Are you happy?

I ask myself in the third person because it seems to have a heavier feel to it. I try to answer as honestly as possible and go from there. I tend to make better life decisions periodically by doing this little self awareness practice.

If you aren't living life for happiness then what is the point of living?

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