Saturday, December 7, 2013

Posture Postulation

I've been working on my posture. Posture is everything. It aligns your body. Posture is how people judge you.

Good posture also makes you look leaner and strengthens your abs. This is more for what I'm going for, the rest is just a bonus.

I've finally crossed the 200lb mark. Finally. I had been teetering at 202 for what seems like forever. I got pretty sick and now I'm at 197. Still coughing but I don't feel like death anymore... and my pants fit better! I count that as a win.

Well, relating to the whole posture thing... I'm slinging sandwiches again. A couple people I graduated with have came in wondering not only why am I back in my tiny hometown but why am I working at such a low paying job too. I know I'm worth more than a sub place but I'm not better than anyone who works there-- on a cosmic level. I've got a lot of work experience but food service has always been my fall back. Its an extremely easy job I can just walk right into.

I keep telling myself not to be ashamed. Smile. As least you have a job. Smile. No shame. I can't help but have lapses from the first time I worked there though. Losing my big girl job because I allowed my (at the time) alcoholic girlfriend run me into the ground. I always viewed that job as the bottom. Now maybe I'm just trying to make the best of it all. Luckily we get tips. They aren't major but they're a nice supplement and its made the slave wages not so bad. Attitudes definitely need to change though.

No matter where I've ever worked I've tried to hold a positive or neutral tone. Work is work. Work pays for my nonwork hours. Work is the penalty for having fun. Work doesn't have to feel like prison or the bottom. Work doesn't have to be a terrible thing. Quite a few people working there act like every customer that comes in is such a burden. Every chore to them is a death sentence and every rush is a grand inconvenience. It drives me batty.

I am constantly repeating to myself: Be the change you want to see. Be the change. Be the change.
Without customers there would be no job. Without busy days there would be no possibility of raises. Without chores the customers will stop coming because it's so disgusting in there... see what I'm saying? Even when I worked there before and wasn't the happiest of people I still managed to get there, do what needed to be done without much complaint and gladly accepted my paycheck. Yesterday could have been a much better day. I was so proud of myself for not letting the unnecessary anger from others bring me down.
There are much worse situations and jobs out there. 

Don't let your first world problems rule your life.

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