Thursday, June 19, 2014

Large Aspirations for Tiny Living

Have you ever thought about selling all of your stuff and then living in your vehicle while you're on the go until you find somewhere you think would be cool for awhile?

Well, I get that itch about every six to twelve months. My husband knew this coming into this relationship. I had known him for three years before we got together and in that three year time span I moved numerous time. I've thrown away and re-accumulated material goods various times in my life. Never before have I acquired so much crap since I had a baby. Let's face it, babies get a LOT of crap. People buy a lot of crap for babies. It's ridiculous.

We are crammed into my grandmother's spare bedrooms. They are attached by a door, not a hallway, like a hotel room with a random door between walls. Well, anyway, we have a lot of shit in these two rooms on top of all the stuff that is in our large storage unit. So far we've sold our couch and various books and dvds but it's not enough. Now we are looking at building our own house... on wheels. We watched a documentary on NetFlix about a tiny house being built and one of our friend's in Louisiana is currently raising money to start his tiny house project. After a short discussion, we decided that it would probably be the quickest way for us to get back on our feet and live cheaply until we can afford more.

We are still beyond broke right now but our eBay account has picked up some speed and we are actively selling everything we own. I'm so tired of clutter and failure. I am in a roller coaster of depression. I feel really happy and fine with everything one day and then the next it's a struggle to get out of bed and smile at BabyG. It's just been a tough year and next year isn't looking so shiny either. It's June and we are quickly coming up on being here for a year with nothing if not less to show for our move back home.

I can't live with my grandmother anymore. I just... can't. The religious bullshit and the feeding my baby complete shit foods is over. I am constantly biting my tongue and reminding myself of the appreciation that she has put up with us for this long and I should be grateful. Instead, I feel punished. I feel very well punished for moving back home. It makes it easy to want to move elsewhere and never look back. With a tiny home, we can at least set up in an RV park or national park somewhere until we find land to permanently be. We will have a house that is ours. I will have my privacy from my family back. We can be heathens in peace.

I've been trying to sell things on etsy and I got the idea of giving away our possessions via donation. Due to etsy's guidelines the main item has to be handmade so it will be, but along with the handmade item I will send you a coffee mug, a DVD, a candleholder, a book, a baby toy... something of ours that we won't be able to take into our next chapter of living. I only have the surprise set for $10 but if it picks up steam I'll add bigger amounts and the surprise will get bigger along with it. I just don't want to feel like we're asking for donations. This route isn't a donation-- it's a purchase. You're helping purchase my family's home. You will literally get a piece of our material life in exchange for funds towards our future. We are thinking about joining a fundraiser website though. I'm beginning to think for large donations we will also offer our worldly goods to those who give us a hefty amount. I'm just so ready to be back on our feet. We are both working now but it's not enough to unbury ourselves from the debt we have created.

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