Monday, March 1, 2010


I'm obsessed and I have no idea why. I'm obsessed with the w4w personals and Missed Encounters and shit like that.

[[[[ Obsessed ]]]]

I guess I think it'd be fun if someone ever mentioned me. (But they never do) I also find it amazing about how people basically sell themselves over the internet. I feel like reading the personals and missed encounters is like delving into lives that people usually don't show others or would be embarrassed about if their mother happened to read it.

I mean, honestly. There is a dude looking to PAY a marine to "suck him off" I mean... this dude wants to pay someone so HE can do things to THEM! It's shocking and I'm just... wow.

I never respond to any of the personals though and from what I've gathered, a guy that drugged me awhile back is apparently famous on Craigslist... imagine that. He is a complete whore and womanizer and he's famous on a hookup site... Mm... not that far fetched. Lucky for me I no longer work in a public setting and don't have to see him around town anymore... but now I get to read people's comments about him and warnings against him all over Craigslist. (It's sooo priceless)

I feel like Craigslist is a huge social experiment that I get to peek in on whenever I feel like it.. but everyone else isn't in on it so they take it seriously.

It's astounding the amount of Gay/Lesb things that are up there. I mean... I've read "We can be discreet" so many times it makes me sick. If you are something, you are it. I understand keeping it hushhush during certain situations (My Gma would probably die instantly if she found out) but for the general public... but if you are willing to put yourself out on a website... You should face the music and deal.

The worst ones though are, "My husband is deployed and he said I could do a girl while he's gone... anyone interested?"

Here is a hint ladies... if you are curious and married... find another curious and married women. Bi girls are more apt to please your husband too when he gets back, though. If you go after a lesbian, you're just going to fuck with her mind and then you'll be banging your husband when he gets back, leaving her emotionally tarnished. (But I can't speak for all lesbians...) If you find another straight but curious girl, you're bound to come out unscathed on both ends.... same with a Bi girl. Bi girls are more apt to do 3somes with your husband, which can make him not-so-jealous about the situation. Lesbians won't want a 3some with your penis-baring husband. (Just saying)

Begging for sex.

Seriously... begging. I mean... I know I'm not a dog face or anything and I'm sure a lot of these people that are begging aren't either... But there are soooo many other ways to connect with people. Just grow some friggin' balls and ask someone something very obvious to start the conversation. The conversation can develope in to more things and then BAM! you can then ask them about some sexual favors. And if you just want a fuck.. there are bars on every corner and plenty of willing whores are regulars. (Promise)

With all this said, I'm sure you are thinking, "Just don't read them if it bothers you so much" and you're right. I really shouldn't.. because sometimes I'm tempted to email them and go, "Really?! Are you fucking serious right now?! Posting a picture of your penis is NOT attractive and begging just makes you look desperate. I hope you get AIDs and die!"

Okay, so maybe not the die part...

And maybe I'm just as evil because I read missed connections hoping that someone mentions me just out of pure vanity. I honestly don't know what I'd do if someone did mention me though-- I mean... would I respond? I watch CSI too much to trust strangers... just saying.

It also creeps me out when I see that people have posted their phone numbers in hopes that someone will dial their number looking for a hookup... when that person posted their number, did they ever think of those prowling Craigslist looking for their first murder? Or theives looking for some stupid idiot willing to meet anyone at any time just to rob them blind?

Maybe it's a good thing I don't trust people enough to respond to these posts on Craigslist and maybe it's awesome that I don't have any desire to meet these people and I'm terrified at the thought of it. Maybe it's a good thing that I read these posts because it makes me feel less desperate and needy. Also, less alone in wanting some affection from someone else. I find just as much comfort as I do disgust in some of the want ads.

So I guess what I'm saying is... I won't stop reading craigslist anytime soon.

Blessed Be,

(All of these opinions are mine. That doesn't make them right or even all that justified... but that's what opinions are. So if I offended you, that wasn't my intentions)

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