Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Yule

I'm posting via my new iPod.

Gotta say... I'm pretty friggin excited about everything going on in my life right now.

Have you ever felt like everything was coming together? I thought I had before... I fear to speak too soon now but I can't seem to stop these emotions from bursting forth.

I've never had anyone be so sweet and so honest. I've never had someone be so persistent in wanting to be with me...

It's only been a couple weeks and I find myself writing love letters I'm too chicken to give to him. I am completely lost in him.

Yes, him. I never would've thought ether. Needless to say my family is elated at the prospect of me being in a relationship with not only a male but a much loved family friend. I've known him since I was 9 and reconnected with him a few years ago.

A series of events led up to me giving him a chance to take me out... I guess the rest is pretty obvious. I've felt like I've been in an ABC Family Christmas special ever since our first kiss.

Just for the sake of argument I don't think me being attracted to him has anything to do with him being a him.. But everything to do with how he treats me and makes me feel. I feel like it'd be wrong on my part to deny myself a solid chance at something good for me... Especially after my string of let downs and disappointments.

Also, I've decided to not think of my sexuality as a label and have removed myself from anyone that would judge me negatively because I choose to be happy.

In other news I canceled my cellphone so I'm phone less and I'm so broke I'm living off my tips for gas money.


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