Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Things I learned Today

I did something bad.
Yes, I admit it.
What I did was uncalled for and I brought it upon myself, yes I did. [I admit it.]
I also want to point out that I am not very religious. Very far from religious, actually. My main interaction with super religious people for the most part has been represented to me as intolerance in the name of the man in the clouds. [Just to get that out of the way]

I trolled some of my friend's pages that were advocating Chick-Fil-A on Facebook. Well, not really troll... because trolling consists of saying things you may not neccessarily belive in, but said to get a rise out of those who read it. Everything I stated was of my own opinion, unfabricated. I just posed a simple question: "Why do you support hate speech?"

Taking a stand against CFA is taking a stand against bullies, bigots and by proxy: ultra-religious Republicans. (Okay, that's assuming that all Republicans are also ultra-religious... which I will keep that assumption until I come across a non-religious Republican.) Okay, well... anyway. I posed that question and was quickly beraded with various notations of myself and people in general.

Top 10 Things I Learned Today:
1. Satan is my best friend.

2. By supporting CFA you are supporting free speech, nothing else. (And don't you dare speak out against what he said, because that is just NOT correct, you horrible American you.)

3. Only TRUE Americans are Christian.

4. The people in the military are fighting ONLY for the right of freedom of opinion and speech.

5. By disagreeing and openly being offended by Dan Cathy, I am not for freedom of speech and my opinion does not matter. [Enter random bible verse]

5. I am hugely disrespectful by saying that it takes a less quality of a person to agree with Dan Cathy. (Ex: I think all people should be allowed happiness and be married in the eyes of the law, regardless of anyone's religious definition of marriage, anyone that thinks otherwise is by my definitions: a less quality of a person.)

6.  I'm going to hell. (Refer back to #1)

7. I am a horrible person.

8. They aren't spreading hate speech, they just hate people that have opinions like I do.

9. [Enter random bible verse]

10. The bible says so.

Now, I understand what a TRUE Christian is like. Well, an average one anyway. A couple days ago I had a sweet older lady come in and I sold her and her husband some phones. Her husband has been working long days so this lady was very interested in getting to know me and Hubby (we were working together that day) and also dabbled in some of our opinions on some things. We got into talking about rights and gay rights. I have no idea how the subject even came to pass, but it did. I mentally cringed when I heard Hubby metaphorically poke at her with a certain opinion. The lady let off a big laugh and said, "Anyone who says their a Chrisitan and tries to take someone else's rights away or say lies about something they don't know about aren't reading their bible. Their god is not my God. I don't know who they're referring to." She then sited some scripture about Jesus being with the lowly and dirty and another verse about how God tells everyone to love openly and freely. She also sited a few verses and one of the deciples visiting a town that the men and women have left their husbands and wives to be with those of the same sex and God said, "These are people too, so therefore we will love them just the same." (Or something close to that, I kinda suck a remembering anything bible related) The lady then continue boasting about her children who have friends of all colors and all backgrounds, "Gays, shades of brown and black, even a couple people who have had some tough times in their lives and went to prison. My church welcomes everyone and I made sure to tell my kids to never talk ugly about anyone else or make anyone else feel less human. God is love and we love God. I have no idea the god those other people are talking about in the news. God says no such thing. They should have more love in their hearts."

This kind soul really gave me points in humanity again. I gotta tell you... working with the public has really made my score for humanity plummet. Let's say the base score is 100. Within weeks of working with the public again that score easily slipped to 50, giving people leeway for just an off day or having a shitty day in general. This Lady brought it right back up to 80. It also helped that she named her miniture poodle after Dave Chapelle.

Then today happened. I guess I wanted to test the theories that nice lady brought to me in the store that day. She truly is an awesome lady. I wished she was my grandma (Even though to look at her you wouldn't thinks he was old enough to be my grandma). I wanted to hang out with her and bake with her. I wanted to help her walk her dogs and meet her family. She is who I like to think I will be as I get older and the type of parent I want to be while imposing my ideals on my children. I quite idolize her opinions on things. Even though I am not religious does not mean I'm a bad person. In the words of my brilliant, beautiful, sweet lady customer,
"Believe what you want to believe but it's up to God if you want salvation. If you don't want salvation it's not my choice, it's not the people's choice to tell you if you're going to hell or not. I'm not in your heart, I don't know how you truly are deep down inside. He does, and it's His choice. Not mine, not anybodies. Let the judging be His. If anyone tells you any different, they aren't following MY God's beliefs, they're following mans rule and mans idea of how to run things. Don't be fooled by man."

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