Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I am on my phone entirely too much.

I am watching television entirely too much. 

I'm neglecting life by senseless distractions. I worry that I'm missing my daughter's first years because I'm too busy matching up three or more vegetables or candy or whatever. 

I've burned out three phone backlights. You know that thing that makes your phone light up so you can see what you're doing? Yeah, that. I kill those. With my constant googling of celebrities and idle gaming. I feel controlled and consumed and it's stifling. I'm addicted in a bad way.

First step is owning it. Well, I'm owning it. I have a problem. I'm going to take a step or a dozen back from electronics. More music, less gaming. I will be deleting certain Facebook app based games and stream my podcasts more and music. I'm going to strive for less and less time holding my phone. My eyes hate me. I get headaches from staring down at this screen. I'm going to put my lifeproof case back on. (It makes my phone harder to use, I hate that thing.)

I will take my life back... with gusto.

I feel like I can't focus on what's important because of this damn phone. Well, that ends tonight. It's supposed to be a beautiful day tomorrow. I plan to be out in it. I cannot wait for spring to be in full swing. I'm so tired of being cold. I'm tired of being inside. I go somewhere and I'm still inside. I think BabyG is stir crazy too.

Ooooo, to be under the sun again.

Augh, I guess I'm a bit manic today.

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