Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Medium in the Candle Shop (Dream)

I had a weird supernatural dream last night.

It was set in New Orleans (I miss that place so much) and I was a medium. I was going to different shops and had an appointment with a young woman that worked at a candle shop. As soon as I walked in one of her co-workers recognized me and hurried me to the back to the lady I had the appointment with. I suddenly felt very sad.

"It's your lover that passed away." I said without the lady telling me. She nodded solemnly and her coworker took a seat behind me.

I turned to the coworker,  "Excuse me, Miss, but this is a private appointment." As I blinked I saw the deceased lover in a family embrace with the coworker. The coworker had bent her head down and softly began to cry, "If its okay with the miss here you can sit in. I didn't realize he was your brother."

Both lady's eyes grew with amazement. I felt like I was wearing a grown man like the Native Americans wore skinned animals, head as a hat, while hunting or in ceremony.  This man that these two ladies wanted so desperately to hear from was all around me. I inhaled him through my nostrils and choked on his cologne and skin. I felt like I was consuming him in the same way regurgitating him. His essence swirled around me like a tornado. It was hard to see what was in the room because the deceased came through so strongly. I tried to choose my words carefully. "His life was cut short." Both ladies nodded, the lover remaining silent. I gasp, they flinch. "You're pregnant." I gesture towards the lover, very careful not to touch her.

"What now?" The coworker/sister of the deceased questions.
"I- I- I was gong to tell you. He didn't even know. I didn't know if I was going to..." The lover softly cried for a moment and then continued her sentence,  "keep it."

Suddenly the radio in the back turned on and it was a pretty familiar rap song (that of course I can't remember the title of now) but it wasnt the original artist,  it was the deceased. The coworker gasps and calls the deceased by name. My spine tightens and I fight the choking coughs building up in my throat.

I suddenly begin sobbing.

The lover asks me, "Does he want me to keep this baby? I don't know if I can do this alone."

I can hear the sister screaming in her mind, it was outweighing her brother's message. I turn to the sister, "Can you please start humming the ABCs to yourself? Your opinion doesn't matter at the moment." The sister twists her mouth and I can feel the itch of her humming the children's tune and I change gears to focus on the lover and the deceased. Speaking his name stirred something. Like the deceased was there in secret and his sister had just blown his cover. I continue sobbing and feel a firm hug around me.

"He's hugging me because he says he can't get to you. Hes hugging you through me. He says you are the love of his life and no matter what his sister says he will be there for you and your son. He will help guide him through his life and he will hold your hand on those exhausting sleepless nights. He hopes you and his sister will form a bond." As I said bond I knew the sister and lover would become romantically involved in a matter of years. It felt awkward and uncomfortable but after a few years they would settle as a beautiful family with a healthy relationship. The lover will fall in love with the similarities between the deceased and his sister. The little boy will just be happy to have two loving parents. A rush of wind and sunshine swirled around me. I began to smile as the ladies begged to know what I saw but I knew I had seen too much to tell. Futures are subject to change but in the moment their futures were cut and dry. I knew emotionally they weren't in the right mind to believe me so I would keep that sliver of sunshine to myself. Just as the room got extremely bright for me a sudden darkness emerged and I began gasping for air.

"A darkness. A darkness follows him." I turned to the sister, "Your father. He is trying to choke out the deceased's spirit. He wants to drain his essence so he can't remain on this side with you two. He wants to--" a loud explosion was heard and we all fell out of our seats. We all gather ourselves and I am still wearing their brother as a headdress so its hard for me to get back up on my feet. I finally emerge from the little room and right then Hubby comes in with some shopping bags and comes right to me. We kiss and thats when I noticed the walls blown out of the front of the shop.I knew it was the dark spirit. I told Hubby we needed to run because the dark spirit was after me and then another explosion happened.

I jerked awake and the dream has stuck with me. I had such power and mental capacity!  But the burden... it was such a weight on my shoulders. Just thought I'd share. 

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