Sunday, July 17, 2011


I have never been so excited to see three zeros grouped together like that before.

Long story short, I finally paid off my car.

That's right bitches-- I own my shit! I paid it off on the 15th when I got paid. Best thing I've ever spent an entire paycheck on! I feel like the world is truly my oyster now. I'm not tied down by such a large chunk of money anymore. It's actually going to be another 2 months before I can really tell that I'm not making a car payment anymore... but it's so worth it. I'm so fucking excited to be out from under such debt.

I also have an exciting announcement but I won't make an officially statement on it until I am officially instated in it. It's a second job... kind of... "job" being a lack of a better description of it. It's not monetary but it will be well worth it and it's a step towards my endgame goal for life... so HOORAY! I just told you a lot of nothing about something!
Behold the suspense!!!!!! is being a big ole cuntbag right now. It refuses to load my library and I can't listen to a radio station. It's fucking pissing me off. I've been listening to Tegan & Sara radio all day on Pandora instead. I would really rather listen to said station on but whatever. If that is the only shitty thing to happen to me, I'm truly in a blissful state of being.

I had an amazing night lastnight. Laila Nur had a concert at a local coffee shop (that I of course missed because Corporate America has me by the short hairs) and she had an after party. I was able to attend the after party and it was glorious. Having musician friends is the most enriching thing ever. Everyone seemed to show up armed with a musical instrument. An older gentleman with a bag of flutes, an amazing dude with a very thick accent of sorts played the most amazing up-close electric violin I've ever heard.... and of course a slew of guitarists. The party was magical. Everyone jammed together, I even sang some (Whoa now... that shit's serious) and I was overcome with this euphoric bliss that cannot be described in words. My friend and I walked home since it was just a couple miles away from my house (I had told my ride to go ahead and leave since she had to wake up early) and about a quarter of the way home we realized it was kind of a bad part of town (once we reached the main road) so I pulled out my pocket knife. I felt gangster. Luckily, no one had to get stabbed.

I've slept like a baby since I paid off my car. Obviously I had been stressing quite seriously about my car payment and what made me short-changed to do so. I face August with still only pennies (after bills are paid) but I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I can feel my future forming together as it should be.

Blessed Be,

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