Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Inspiration either taps you on the shoulder, gently whispers in your ear... or rattles you awake for weeks.

I haven't been able to sleep for a week. I've had this blog idea for a while, I guess... it comes and goes. But it's just an idea, I have tons of them. I have so many ideas it would probably make the entire planet wobbly on it's axis.

I know my idea isn't original and there are probably tons of them... but inspiration isn't exactly about being original, it's about MAKING it original. So I'm attempting it. So that will be 2 blogs I've started in 2 weeks. I'm aware that not everyone likes reading and not everyone is interested in the bloggasphere but it helps keep me balanced and I'm "faking it" until I make it, in a sense.

I want to be a writer, I guess I always have but haven't thought of actually making money with it. I have never gone to school to be a writer, and will probably end up just being a high school English teacher... but it's something. By practicing as much as possible I can make my talent into a trade. I don't doubt myself, just need to push myself. I'm afraid of spreading myself too thin.... but I've feared I've cut myself off from opportunities. I need to just do it. If you don't strive for something, you'll never get it.

I don't expect for any offers to fall into my lap. I don't expect to make millions from writing blogs or even anything else for that matter... but I'll never know if I don't try.

Blessed Be,

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