Friday, June 3, 2011

Hooray for Earth

Yet again, another tune, on repeat... for hours. I really love this song. I cannot for the life of me find the damned lyrics but I'm PRETTY sure it goes something like: "This time no love is what I need / but I want to, want to learn. / I want to want to learn" and that part reallyreallyreally jives with me. It's suck to me and got caught in my hair like a spider web. (In a far less annoying terrifying way) I have to listen to it twice every time it plays.

Okay, it's official... I have a love affair. With the rowing machine. I love it. I was on it for quite some time today. I can get all the aggressions out. I can feel it everywhere: legs, arms, abs.... Also, I feel it after I leave. I hate leaving the gym and not feeling SOMETHING! It makes it a waste otherwise.

Today at the gym I had a theme that I kept reminding myself of, that theme was:

Do something different.

I started out my normal slow start/hard finish 1 mile on the treadmill and I did the mile in 9mins. Impressive (for me) but not good enough. I miss my 6min 1 miles. I need to get that back. It means running at the 7-8ish mph thingy which you REALLY have to move your ass so you won't fall over or break something... but I'm warming up to it. Then I did some stretches and decided to do things differently. I walked around and attempted some new machines I've never even seen before... did the rowing machine, and then decided to ask the nice lady behind the counter for a basketball. No one was on the court so I thought it was safe to make a fool of myself.

I played a lot of basketball in my preteens... A LOT! After baseball (being too old to be accepted into the boy teams anymore, everyone wanted me to play softball) I needed to find something and basketball was it. Although I loathed playing with the girls. Girls (at that age) are so damn prissy and "Don't hurt me" and the boys would plow me over, help me up and then we'd just scamper off after the ball together. I played basketball with the boys during school hours in gym class (Even though the gym teacher thought I was just trying to flirt with the boys instead of get away from the girls whining) and the community basketball teams had a good diverse group and most
of the girls in the team weren't prissy. Then I got too old for it and HAD to get into softball.

But anyway...

I played 15mins of bball today and it was great. I chased the ball and quickly remembered some stuff from "way back when" and it was great. I was kind of sad that there was no one in the gym after a couple minutes. Even though I wouldn't make a lot of points... it would be nice to "fight" for the ball. I love street ball. I kind of miss it. My cousin breathes, eats, loves, basketball. He's obsessed. If I ever was like, "Hey, meet me at the gym in five for a pick-up game" he'd be there, no questions. He didn't even care that I was such an easy win. Obviously I was no match for him in a game he worships.... but it was still fun. He'd even let me win sometimes. (to encourage me to keep playing, I think) My arms are so sore from just 15mins of solo shooting. I need to get back into a sport pronto. It'd give me something to look forward to.

The steam room was getting cleaned so it kind of messed my routine up but I did as many laps in the pool as my arms would allow (which wasn't much) and then I eased my way into the hot tub. I had this calming wave come over me and I smiled to myself. Today will be a good day. So far it's been great. I came home, sat on the front porch and ate while I read. My roommate got up and took me to get coffee. I got a raspberry iced tea and the lady gave me a 31oz cup "because we only have one left!" for the price of a venti. There was a cute chick on the patio that I got to look at for a little while when my roommate and I sat out there chatting before coming back home. It was nice.

Now I'm about to hop in the shower and attempt to be girly for work. Maybe do my hair... I'm not feeling the make up today though... I can't wait until I get rid of my stinkin' glasses. This month, hopefully, I can pay off my car... mostly. Then next month I can take a big chunk out of what I owe for rent and by November I should have everything paid off.... (Including my new computer) And then hopefully by Jan or Feb I should have my own place. Either a 1 bedroom or a roommate and I situation. Hopefully a 1 bedroom, I REALLYREALLY want to live by myself. I'm tired of having roommates.... in general. I'm better by myself. I may not even be in Greensboro by February... I have no idea.

Okay, work now.

Blessed Be,


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