Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rest In Peace.

I write this blog shaking with tears. One of my friends got hit by two vehicles after being raped. The being raped is substantial but from how the events panned out I highly doubt she was lying about it. She was one of those troublesome teens that did a lot of drugs and ended up dropping out of school but that doesn't mean she ever deserved the ending that she received.

Apparently she had gone to someone's home and knocked on the door at 4am saying, "I've been raped and dropped off, please call 911. Call 911, please!" and they refused to let her in the house (They claimed they didn't have a phone) so they called 911 as she collapsed on the road. COLLAPSED! That's not a "I'm going to just lay here for a minute" kind of situation. The people in the house who were dialing 911 didn't think, "We should retrieve her from the road" instead they just watched the cars hit her and THEN check on her to see if she was okay.... obviously she was not.

This is my hometown, people. These are the types of people I was around for the first 18yrs of my life. These are the people I went to high school with, who I spoke to at the gas stations and whom my parents grew up with. These are the people that are parenting children and whom had a child in her arms as she spoke of 'this girl claiming to be raped and getting hit by cars'.... I am disgusted.

I wasn't ever close to the deceased but I knew her... and that's enough for me. I knew her and she was nice to me. I never had a problem with her (and I had A LOT of problems with A LOT of my fellow alumni) and as far as I knew she never had a problem with me. I knew her brother too although he was quite a bit older than us. I had classes with her, I passed her in the hallway... I had conversations with her for no reason at all other than we were around each other. She didn't choose an easy life, a fabulous life, but she sure lived it. I cannot lay claim to anything she's done since our days of walking the halls of adolescences but I can say this: No one deserves to be turned away like she was at such a terrible time in her life.

DECISIONS, people. DECISIONS are what save lives. If those people had just asked her to come inside and wait for help, or offered her something to keep her in place.

The police that reported to the scene were kind of like, "She was high on anxiety pills and drunk. Obviously she deserved to die." and shrugged. Okay, so obviously they didn't say those words... but I can sense it. Open and closed case. Who gives a fuck that a mac truck gets away with hitting a human being and not even tapping the breaks? Who cares that a newspaper delivery woman also hit a human and kept right on trekking? Who CARES that these people took a human life that could have been saved... she was on drugs and drunk. Forget her claims of being raped. Forget the family and friends of this poor broken woman in the middle of the road in the early morning.

I blame so many people for her demise. So many people. Humanity (or should I say the LACK OF) is at fault for this loss of life. My heart breaks for the lack of professionalism that was so obvious amongst all who showed up at the scene. No charges are being pressed. No closure will be found. I will truly be amazed if the person who dropped her off ever surfaces. (But you can count on it the people in that county are already whispering about who dropped her off) I will be shocked if anyone is ever brought to justice. The people who called 911 and the two people who hit her should get charges of negligence.

Also, for anyone who has ever hit ANYTHING in the road, you hear the crunching under your tires. You hear the breaking of bones and can size up how big or small the body you are running over.... if it seems large, you should probably stop and at least check and make sure it wasn't a human you just plowed over. Just saying. I mean-- it's the least you can do, right?

Guess not in all cases.

Blessed Be,

RIP Jennifer Bond
I'm so sorry humanity failed you in the worst ways.

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