Saturday, June 11, 2011

Turning 24.

I'm bored at work (in the dungeon) so I decided to write a blog about my birthday since I have all this time on my hands. My day yesterday started out at the gym at roughly 6am. I did a couple hours of cardio and then did yoga. It was my first yoga class in well over a year. I did okay but they didn't have real yoga mats to loan out so I basically had some kind of floor cushion and some kind of stretching mat that was very thin and very short. I'm almost 6ft tall, okay... my stretching range is easily 8ft. That tiny ass two mat deal just wasn't cutting it. I couldn't hold certain poses because the mats kept slipping or I was basically on the hard wood floor. (So annoying)

But after Yoga I had a great lunch with my roomie at a place near my house. I had to do some alcohol test for work so I sat there and did that. We kind of had shitty service and they somehow made a bad tasting salad but the company was good and I was learning about alcohol abuse and how to be a bartender.

I came to work early as usual to get something to eat in our cafeteria. They had spaghetti and meatballs and some pasta that looked vegetarian so I got the pasta. (Barely half a cups worth) When I hate it, it felt like I was eating something prickly so I just stopped eating it. I ate the salad instead. I got to the hostess stand and counted my till to start my shift. As I was counting the money it became hard to breath and the inside of my throat started to swell and feel itchy. I work in a hotel so I just grabbed my wallet and headed to the giftshop (It just has meds and candy. Random "I forgot to pack this" stuff, not tacky trinkets.) to get benedryl. I was having a reaction to the tomatoes that were in the pasta. Trying not to panic I asked the people at the front desk, I very well may have been overlooking it. Nope, they couldn't find it either. They check the first aid kit behind the counter--nothing. By this point I know I'm not making it all up in my head because my voice had become strained and I had begun to cough. We have some one down from corporate to help run the front desk (because of bad scores or something) and he just told me to go get benedryl from the pharmacy across the street. Everyone behind the desk was freaking out and it was becoming increasingly hard for me to keep the panic attack at bay. I walk to the sidewalk and one of the bellmen pull up in our company golf-cart and tell me to hop in.

We speed down the sidewalk and across the street. The pharmacy didn't have a small travel size and the pharmacist seemed alarmed at the quality of my voice so he just gave me two from behind the counter. I only take one because I was afraid two would make me fall asleep while standing. My throat is now so swollen it's difficult to swallow but I choke down the pill anyway without any water on the ride back to the hotel. I get back to my work station and chug cold water to keep the swelling down. I was trembling but after an hour I could feel that the swelling had down but I couldn't breath out of my nose.

When I clocked out at 10 O'clock (about 5hrs from the first taking of benedryl) I was so high from the allergy meds but still wanted to go out for my birthday so I went to my favorite gay bar and ordered a beer. I sat by myself slowly sipping my yueng-ling and watching tv or the lesbians outside playing cornhole. One of the regulars came up to re-connect with me and offered to buy my next drink. We talked for a bit and then it was her turn to play pool. I sat back outside and spotted a couple whom I had met through a mutual friend a couple months before. I hung out with them for awhile and some of my old co-workers (whom I had txted hours before with no response) showed up out of the blue. It was a pleasant surprise. I somehow ended up double fisting mixed drinks all night and did probably 6 jello shots. I had the strongest jello shot of my life. It made me gag. One of my current co-workers showed up and hung out with me until the bar closed. I was so intoxicated on top of that benedryl I knew I couldn't drive so we walked to her place instead. It felt like 3miles. (It was actually probably just 1 mile, if that) I bitched the entire way. I was kind of surprised I was still functioning at all. I conked out as soon as my head hit the pillow. She told me today that I was snoring. I wouldn't doubt it. Benedryl makes me snore like I have a cold. I was up for almost every hour of my 24th birthday. It really wasn't soo bad....

I didn't die and I got to wake up next to someone.
(Even if they had to suffer through my drunken benedryl-induced snoring)

Blessed Be,

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