Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Okay, Okay... I get it.

Rule Number One: When first time meeting someone to possibly date, do not continuously talk about how beautiful your ex is.

Rule Number Two: Do not abruptly leave after ex has called you and not even look back.

Rule Number Three: If Rule one or two happens to you, go ahead and jump ship.

Fuck you, universe. Fuck you in your hairy asshole. Okay? Can't I just have ONE person that wants me for me and doesn't have SO much fucking baggage weighing me down in fifteen minutes of seeing someone face to face?

Today has not been excellent. Instead, it has been only kind of okay. I hung out with my friend whom I've missed terribly & her cute daughter today: Win. Found out a friend of ours died MONTHS ago: Not win. Walked to my friend's house to watch lots of Angel: Win. Met someone for 1 drink: Complete Fail.

I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooo tired of the universe shitting on me as of late. Seriously.


Yes, I know how to break things that aren't solid... GOT IT?!

Okay, this is one shitty blog that is really negative but I'm really angry about a lot of things... which is better than being sad, I guess. But there are tears anyway and I realize I'm a big ole bag of crazy right now... and whatever. I like myself being wild and insane and not okay. Alright... so I don't like being "not okay" but it seems like it's all I have right now.

Also: I will read this tomorrow and feel like a complete asshole and embarrassed that I clicked "Publish Post" and allowed this to be online because I know a lot of the people who read this and I care about their opinions... but for right now...

I don't give no fuck.

So fuck you. Fuck this.

And I can be angry and negative if I want. IT'S ALLOWED!


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